A Couple 'a Good Finds!

A few weeks ago I decided to stroll through the Salvation Army store just to see what I could find. Usually they have old furniture that I can't use and clothes! I decided that it might be worth a shot, though, since I have been trying to change things up a bit in my house without spending a lot of money!

I walked around for a little while when I came upon this:



It was lying in a mingled mess of a bunch of other random plates and dishes and there was only one.

I painted my kitchen blue a couple of years ago and I thought this plate matched it perfectly! I love the flowers in the middle that pick up some of the other colors in my den (which is right off of my kitchen) so I decided to buy it. I picked it up... 99 cents people!! I added the $1 plate holder and ribbon and I think it looks really good! You can't really tell it in this picture but it is a little larger than a typical plate... like a small platter! Not bad for 99 cents!

Another thing that I have always liked in my friend Lisa's house is how she used a sconce to put lotions and candles beside her pedestal sink in her bathroom. Since there is limited space on the sink you need something, but a powder room is usually pretty small and the wall space is sometimes limited.  I ran across this neat little shelf that goes great in my downstairs bath:


I found it at Old Time Pottery for $7! Woo hoo!! It allows me to have a couple of extras that I might not otherwise have since there is no counter in this bathroom. I love it!

Now that summer is approaching I am making a LONG list of things to do. I am excited to have some more "at home" time and eager to get some things done!

Do you have a long list of things to do? What are some of them? You just might help me add to mine!


Faith said…
How sweet is that little plate?! Very cute and you know I love the ribbon too. And, I really like the sconce idea in the powder room. It looks great! I can't wait to see what else you work on this summer =)

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