Please Excuse the Mess!

I am under construction! I wanted something new for the ol' BLAWG for Fall so I am experimenting.. hence the header with no words.

I like the red. I like the header. Just trying to figure if I like them TOGETHER! That's the key.

I wish I were all computer savvy and knew how to make it just FAB-U-LOUS! I don't have money to spend on a blawg so I will just have to make do with what I got! Kind of like other things in life, huh?

So... savvy I 'm not so it will be ...cute. ish.

The Ol' Blawg is among other things that are a total mess right now...

The washing machine hasn't worked for 2 weeks! You can imagine the mess of laundry I have had lying around. Were it not for a sweet friend that lives close by this girl would be goin' ALL commando and thangs!
Hopefully the part will be in soon and we can get the laundry party started up in here. Bless my little conservative hubby's heart... he can't fathom the whole commando thing! Be FREE! I say! Be free! heee heee!

The playroom is being redone into a more mature space and I am so OVER THE TOP excited about that! I took The Nester's advice and totally cleaned out the space. I put everything in "a holding room" (a.k.a. guest bedroom) until we could decide what will stay and what will go. It's kind of neat because it's like I have a blank room to start over in and it helps my 40 year old brain plan!

The guest bedroom... looks like a yard sale. I'm just sayin'.

Well, hopefully some of these messes will be cleaned up soon! I'm open to votes on the header and red coordinating... or on the playroom for that matter! And if you know the machine repair man would you tell him to PLEASE come save my poor hubby! :)


Kat said…
Okay, loving the new header and the red on the sides, and absolutely dying laughing about Steve's reaction to the whole commando thing... bahahahahaha!
I am right there with ya! I have NO computer skills NONE! None I tell ya. LOVE both the header and the red sides(where did you find them?). But, I am a red kinda gal so what's not to like. Please send me any helpful hints that you might learn along the way. I would love to learn a few things. I'm with conservative hubby on the whole commando thang. Just can't go there...No siree.

Faith said…
Oh girlfriend, you crack me up! I really like the header and background - very you! You know I will be glad to help you if you need it =)

Can't wait to see some of your finished projects!
Rebecca Jo said…
I like the new look...

I too am so computer illerate, its sad!

(Ahhh - my word verification is "bless")

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