The Year of Fours

You might remember that earlier this year I turned 40.

014 While it IS a milestone in my life.. and while it makes me feel REALLY old when I meet someone in their 20's and I realize that I am TWICE their age... it has really been just a normal year for me. You do realize that people in their 20's are, like, adults and all, with the ability to be married and have children... right?! Well, that can mess with your mind just a little bit when you are TWICE their age.

I'm just sayin'....008

Good grief! I look like my mother! And what did I do to celebrate said 40 years? Ate cake of course! Moving on...

Well, last week my sweet husband turned 44! Would you like to know what HE did to celebrate?


Well, he ran his first 5K, of course!

Don't let the numbers on ALL of our shirts fool ya! He ran the 5K and me and girlfriend did the Kid's FUN RUN! Four times around the track and we were ready for some Gatorade. 002

He, on the other hand, ran the 5K in just over 30 minutes and I was so proud of him!  So proud, in fact, that we forgot take the picture of him crossing the finish line.

What fans we are.

Well, just yesterday we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary! I was so surprised when he came home from work and announced that though we could not spend lots of money on each other for big gifts, or a fabulous trip, he COULD take the day off and we would just hang out just like we did when we were dating! We decided that we needed to run errands and could have a nice lunch all while our little one was in school. We wouldn't need to hire a baby sitter and spend the money on something expensive, but we COULD just be together. It was wonderful!

One thing that my husband is great at is remembering to see what the traditional and modern gifts are for each of the years that we celebrate. The year that the traditional gift was cotton he got me the SOFTEST jersey t-shirt sheets around. We STILL love them and sleep on them all the time!

This year the traditional gift was ivory. Since I am not much into elephants or their tusks he decided to get me this... 022

It's ivory in color, and holds much meaning to us as we have walked this journey together with our daughter and the needs that she has. We have to remind each other that it's NOT all bad and that when one is overwhelmed by it all the other is here to be a shoulder to lean on.

Is that NOT the sweetest??!?! I thought so, too.

Yes, I cried. Stop it.

So, it's our years of 4's! 40, 44, 14... sounds like a locker combination.


Rebecca Jo said…
ahhh - what a sweet husband!

High fiving you ALL for getting out for some runs! And just over 30 minutes for his first 5k? That's awesome!!!!

I've got a little more then a year until I turn 40 & I am in SHOCK and denial about it... oh my...

Happy Anniversary!!!
Bella Michelle said…
He is a KEEPER! I love those days of hanging out probably more than anything else (always long for more of them!). Happy Birthday to both of you and I hope you have another 100 Anniversaries, at least!

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