We Are Making Progress!

You might remember pictures that looked like this in a much earlier post...


WOW! What a mess... Well... FINALLY, we are making some progress to convert the mess to something that we hope is going to be beautiful!

We've started by cleaning everything out (sorry the picture is dark) and helping this little alcove in our playroom look more like a little room itself. You can see on the sides that there are two little doors that lead to our storage area, and I want to make them less stand-out-ish.


It's hard to see the details, but we are adding bead board to the height of the doors all the way around the alcove so that it makes the room look more consistent. I also want this room to be more like a big girl retreat for Caroline as she grows.  There's still lots of work to be done, but IT's HAPPENING! FINALLY!!

Once the alcove is finished we plan to add "THE DEST!"

Remember this??


Well, now it looks like this!



And this drawer with the old drawer pulls now look like this!

003 004

I am pretty excited about how my first attempt at taking something old and making it new again has turned out. I knew that it would not be perfect so I went ahead and made it look a little shabby. You might as well go with it, right?

It's still in the garage because we are working on it's new home so I will have to post pictures of the finished project when it's all put together! We are planning on a new wall color and some fabric to soften the space and make it more like a bonus room and less like a playroom.

Girlfriend and Pepper are pretty pumped about the changes!



Pretty much... we are a hot mess all the way around!

We have also gotten approval to change the color of our (very faded) front door and shutters! Right now they are such an ugly shade of faded green and I have big plans to spruce that up very soon!

Well, in other news... I start teaching pre-school music this week! You will want to stay tuned because, with one to four year olds, I am sure I will have stories to tell!

On a more serious note... we have been informed that the teachers at Caroline's school are having her observed for a potential classroom setting change and I am NONE too happy about it. I am just praying that the Lord will give me the wisdom and ability to shine for Him while dealing with this so say a little prayer if the Lord brings us to your mind! He IS IN CONTROL and I believe that with all of my heart. I know that it will work out for the best and worrying has done NOTHING to change it. I am seeking to come to Him with open hands and I am asking Him to calm my anxious thoughts as we go through this time. He's faithful! I know He will!

AND on a "GO GOD" note... our Sunday school ladies just returned from a women's retreat and I can not wait to share about it with you. Thing is... I was SO busy that I forgot to take any pictures! Other girls did better with this so as soon as I steal some from them I will be sharing about our AMAZING God and His AMAZING hand of mercy and grace.


Have a blessed day blawg world! See you soon!


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