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Today is a snowday so we are all at home. We’ve had pancakes and done laundry and are getting ready to go out to play! I can not believe how much snow is coming down! After all! We do live in the SOUTH! It’s beautiful though and I love to see what God can do! He’s AMAZING! 096

You might be wondering why this font is big and my last entry was kind of small (and hard to read!). Over Christmas our computer crashed and everything has had to be restored and redone. I lost my settings so I have been playing around. Maybe one day I’ll get it right!

This week I am preparing to lead this Bible study at our church…


I am so excited because this is THE study that changed the way that that I understood God’s relationship with His people and how Jesus is so amazingly intertwined into history in it’s entirety. It has been years since I’ve studied the tabernacle and I am a different person now. I can not wait to see what God has in store for me and the other women in this study! Just in preparing for this God has already spoken to my heart. I know that He will use the women that attend the class in some amazing ways as we all grow in our relationship with Him.

In other news… You might remember this little guy…


I was REALLY hoping we could keep him for Christmas! Then reality hit and we just knew that we could not afford another animal right now. He’s really tiny and just adorable and I’d love to have him, but my friend still has him and is trying to find him a home. We were a little sad, but we would want to give him a great home and take care of all of his needs. We just can’t afford it right now so we  had to say no. BOO HOO!!!!!!

I have an exciting new little crafty thing that I am working on. I can’t wait to show you! It involves some of my favorite things… ribbon, initials/monograms and cute and fun fabrics! Maybe after playing in the snow I can work on it and that can be my next post!

Happy Snow Day everyone!


Patty Sumner said…
Oh I love that study.....it is a great one, of course, I cannot think of any Beth Moore study that I have not enjoyed. I always get a new challenge in my personal walk. I love her in your face teaching. Enjoy your snow day! Blessings!

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