The No-Resolutions Resolution

I REALLY do not like to make New Year’s Resolutions. I get really aggravated at myself and feel like a total failure every year that I try to make one because I get started and then by February I quit. I have tried to make all of the typical ones… lose weight (that’s the biggest!),…
be in my Bible more, watch less T.V.,… you know.. all of the typical things that people say they are going to do… I’ve done!
Well, last week I sat down to have my quiet time and I was at one of those places where I didn’t really know where I was going to read. I was thinking about resolutions and what God would have me do so I I just turned to the Psalms and started looking through.
As I read the first verse of Psalm 23 I saw it…”The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want..”  The Lord said to me,” This year why don’t you TRUST that I will lead you AND you will not be in want!
I read Psalm 24:1 “The Earth is the Lord’s and all that it contains, the world and those who dwell in it..” Again it was like God was saying “TRUST ME! I am in control. You can’t control what others do or say but I CAN so just TRUST ME!”
Then Psalm 25:1 says “To YOU, O Lord, I lift up my soul.”
I can TRUST You Lord with my very SOUL! I do not need to be afraid but completely know that You are in control.

I kept reading the first Psalm of the next few chapters and it was apparent to me that I now had my assignment. I do not know what lies ahead and I have already had a couple of challenges this year where I have HAD to trust that the Lord because I can’t control others and I have to know that He will provide for my home. This year I do pray that my walk with Jesus is like never before. More and more my personal walk is deepening and I cherish the times that I have with Him while no one else is around.
So! This year will be a “No Resolution Resolution”  kind of year. Not a year where I decide what I will resolve to do, but a year where my resolution has been assigned to me. I do much better with assignments anyway! I look forward to what God has for me in the coming year so let the changes begin!


Patty Sumner said…
I so agree Melissa! It looks as if God was really speaking loudly about "Trust". I pray all your quiet times be so wonderful. I also pray that your walk with the Lord this year be a joyful one and for his love and guidance to be with you daily. Blessings!
Bella Michelle said…
I hope 2011 is full of joy and blessings for you and yours!!!

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