I Got IT!

I am so excited!! I have been waiting since Christmas to get to pick up a new one of these at Target!


After THREE LONG days of sitting in my house with a sassy girlfriend I was finally able to take her to school today and head to see if they’d come in… AND THEY DID!

My mom and dad gave me a gift card for Christmas because apparently there was not one Kindle in the southeast to be found! Mom said she went back over and over to see if they had them and they never did so she just had to settle for a gift card.. which was fine with me!

I can’t wait to use it and make time for more reading. I need to read. It’s so cool because it has children’s books that you can download, and I know it will encourage the little girl in this house to read more too. You can download magazine subscriptions, newspapers (not that I read newspapers!) and even blogs! Well, I think they are strictly Amazon blogs, but it’s cool, huh!??

Does anyone else have a Kindle? What have you liked about it and what would you recommend I read? I like novels and I enjoy reading period pieces sometimes. It’s important to me that it’s clean  and I’d love some really good Christian authors. It has been a while since I’ve read a good book so I am excited to hear what you think!


Rebecca Jo said…
Aftr you've had it for awhile, you have to do a review for me... I'm curious to see what everyone has to say about them... I'm so up in the air about getting one!
Anonymous said…
I also received a Kindle for Christmas and have loved it. I would highly recommend the Christian author, Karen Kingsbury. She has many books that are part of a series and some stand alone titles also. I will warn you.. when I start reading one of her books, I can't put it down. I am usually finished in a couple of days and then disappointed when I don't have another book to start. I have read every book she has written. Happy Reading!
Patty Sumner said…
My son-in-law and Grandson have one. They love it! I want one. Enjoy and happy reading! Blessings!

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