Something Fun

Lately I have tried to figure out inexpensive ways to give gifts. It seems that lots of people that I know are graduating, having babies or getting married. I love giving gifts and I like to give things that are unique but right now we just don’t have the extra funds.

One day, while looking through blogs, I saw a super cute idea but now I can’t remember who did it! A blogger had taken old sheet music and she had sewn fabric letters to it (somehow!) to make a very cute and personalized gift. I started thinking that I had some fabric and some stencils so maybe I could do a variation of her idea.

One of my former students is getting married in March so she was my first experiment!  I had no idea what colors she was using so I just went with black and white…


When she opened it at the shower on Saturday she was so excited to have her new initials in a frame and her kitchen is going to be black, white and green!

I decided to make one for my office so I just made a “G” in the colors that I like..


… and we have  a friend with a new baby so I decided to make one for her room as well.

I am still playing around with it, but it’s fun and fairly easy to make. I think there’s nothing quite like fun fabrics, monograms and ribbon to personalize your home!


Patty Sumner said…
Wonderful ideas! How creative and I love your generous heart. Blessings and keep on sharing.
Faith said…
Those are super cute! Love the "g" - so fun!
Bella Michelle said…
What a great idea! I love getting personalized things and I am sure these will be huge hits with everyone.
HOW CUTE! What a great way to bless someone. Love the idea, how did you make them?


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