What’s He GONNA DO?

Hello friends!
I hope you’ve all had a great week! I tell ya… we’ve been busy around here, but it’s been all good! One of the most exciting things that happened is a group of women at our church FINALLY started this study…
We were suppose to start a week ago, but the snow and ice caused it to be postponed a week. I had been reading and preparing and was ready to start when the snow hit so waiting a week just prolonged the anticipation! It has been a while since I’ve lead a study and the day that the study was to begin I just had butterflies!
I had gotten word that a couple of ladies from a local rehab facility would be joining me and the other ladies and I was SOOO EXCITED! (Still am for that matter!) There is nothing in this world quite like seeing God work in the lives of those around you. I know what a difference He makes in my life and how He’s changing me everyday, and I know that He is already working in their lives so it’s just a privilege to be with them as He continues to work and change all of us!! We are all in different places in life and we all have struggles so this journey is going to be something that is going to transform our lives and I am sooo ready!
Another thing that excites me is that the study has been revised and I just could not wait to see how God spoke anew to Beth Moore and how He’d speak to me! I’ve only done the first two days of study and I am already just eager to run ahead and study myself silly!
I don’t know. I think we come to places in our lives where we sometimes feel like our wheels are spinning. It helps so much to get into something like this with other women and just hash it out! Maybe we don’t do it all publicly but we can hear the same truths and know that God has a plan for us where we are. Somehow being reminded of that gives us the extra push that we need to press on! Well, at least it does for me!
If God puts it on your heart to  pray for me and these ladies I’d just love it! I am a little intimidated by this and yet excited to be along for the ride. Thankfully the results don’t depend on me in the least so just pray that I will have the endurance to press on and be what God calls me to be. I wonder what He’s GOING TO DO?!? Oh, I can’t wait to find out! Smile


MiMi said…
I am excited FOR you, Melissa! I have not done this particular Beth Moore study, but I know that you and the ladies are in for a blessing. I am scheduled to start her "Breaking Free" study in February and I can hardly wait!

I know that you will be a blessing to all of those ladies. Praying that God will speak to you and through you as you lead this study!

Patty Sumner said…
Praying your group study will be great. I pray God will speak and guide each of you and bless you tremendously as you learn more of Him. Blessings!

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