A Smathering of Randomness

Sometimes I want to write an entry just to write an entry. It’s not that really anything exciting is going on, but LOTS of things are happening and sometimes I just don’t feel like I can share.. which keeps me from writing entries. Ya know? Are you VERY corn-fused now?

SO! Today is going to be just all over the place. Hang with me? Thanks.

Here’s what I mean about the “don’t feel like you can share” thing.. You ever go through times where you just feel like God is speaking (like STANDING ON YOUR FACE speaking so you know it’s STRAIGHT from Him?) but you can’t really tell anyone what He’s saying yet? That’s where I am this week. God is at work and He is bringing a new challenge my way, but it’s not time to say it out loud. If you know me… that’s HARD! I am a blabber mouth. Anyway, when God gives me the go ahead I am going to shout it from the roof tops, but right now it has to stay between me and Him. Lots of things that He needs to make clear before I can even understand it myself so I am WAITING. Be quiet and wait.. yeah, NEITHER are my strongest qualities. Guess He’s working in more ways that one! Ya think?

Don’t you LOVE God? He is so amazingly personal and keeps us on our toes. Whoever said that being a follower of Christ was boring must be stuck in a hole somewhere. It’s the biggest adventure of my life and I am FULLY aware that I am completely not equipped to do what He asks of me!! I have to be on my face everyday because… REALLY GOD?

This has been busy few weeks with a fun and sweet wedding to attend, a sweet shower for my friend’s niece and then family came into town for a night. All of that on top of normal school, work and church responsibilities PLUS a day of Occupational Therapy for my little girlfriend, and a night meeting at church thrown in makes for an exhausted Friday. That makes me tired just reading it. I am so happy to be at home tonight and just have tacos. You know.. it’s the simple things, isn’t it?

I am really excited that our little girly girlfriend is growing so much. Everyone that works with her  has commented on the progress that they are seeing. Occupational Therapy, Speech, Regular Ed. and Special Ed. folks have all said that they are very encouraged by the maturity and growth that they are seeing and that makes this mama of a kid with some special needs smile from ear to ear!! Another thing that has helped me gain some real perspective? I visited a school that is just for severe and profoundly handicapped children. THAT, my friend, will make you say, “Yes, my kid struggles with some stuff, but she can sit up and swallow and eat solid food and walk and talk and not wear a diaper… all at 9 years old.”  Oh, my heart just went out to those parents as I thought about what we deal with on a daily basis and how it does NOT compare to what they must deal with.

Again, God at work …on my self-centered self. Just a little reminder that He’s in control is all.

Well, I hope YOU are doing well! Hopefully the next entry will be full of news that I can share!


Cindy said…
Oh my gosh yes! I am in that same place right now. The Lord has been speaking to me about some very specific things, but hasn't allowed me to speak them out yet. However, He IS teaching me alot about fasting and praying about the things He is showing me.

I'm glad to know you're going through it too!

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