Events Unite!

Why is it that it seems to be all kinds of quiet for months and THEN EVERYBODY I KNOW gets together to plan major events in their lives?? AND they invite me to come! AND I want to go!!

1)It is spring break. YAY! THANK YOU JESUS! PRAISE THE LORD! HALLELUJAH THINE THE GLORY! I am a little happy.

2)At the end of spring break is Easter and I love Easter. I love time with both families and going to church and just celebrating our Savior’s death and resurrection. It is just a special time and my parents get really excited because we try to see them and my husband’s family in the same weekend.

3) At the end of spring break is ALSO my mama’s birthday. Now, you need to understand. This woman is ALL about seeing you “ON THE DAY.” That’s what she calls it. “I need to see you ON THE DAY.” Meaning that if your birthday is on Wednesday and you happen to live 2 hours from her she will take the day off of work and make a little 2 hour journey just so she can hug your neck and give you all manner of gifts. Could she wait until the weekend. Welllllll.. she COULD, but it would not be without much angst. 

You can imagine what it means for US not to see HER on “THE DAY” when it’s her “DAY.” You with me?

4) About a month ago we got a beautifully addressed (in wonderful calligraphy) envelope in the mail. It was from my husband’s cousin who we NEVER see. He lives in Alabama and we… don’t. We live 6 hours from Alabama.

HE’S GETTING MARRIED! YAY! He’s getting married!

Me- Really!? WHEN?

My husband- Easter weekend!

Me- Easter weekend?


My husband- Yes! And we are going, right? I mean he came to our wedding and supported us! It’s only right that we go and support him!

Me- Uummmm… yeah. It’s Easter AND mom’s birthday. Wonder how THAT’S gonna fly?

5)I called mom. I had to make a deal. WHAT IF… we went to see THEM for most of spring break and celebrated her birthday while we were there, came home (the day before THE DAY mind you) in time to get things ready to leave the next day and drive  6 hours?!? By cracky! It just might work!

Fortunately we worked it all out, but it was a little hairy there for a second. I would be so great if all of these people would check with each other before they scheduled life changing (or altering according to my mom) events!



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