Cheap AND Cute? I’ll Take It!

A few weekends ago my family met me in a small town that is almost halfway between where we live and they live. We do that sometimes after church just to get to spend a little time together.

They have a great shopping area and we went to Pier One and shopped around a little.  I found the cutest salt and pepper shakers!


Are they NOT adorable? AND… here’s the best part.. they were $3 and they were not even on sale! FOR THE SET! You better believe I snatched those little cuties up in a second!

They go perfect with my décor and I can leave them out all the time! LOVE THEM!


It’s a little sad when you get so excited about salt and pepper shakers, isn’t it?


Faith said…
How cute are those?!? And, what a steal. I would be excited too =)

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