The Ugly Truth

In the last post I shared about how God is really beginning a work m me that I’ve never experienced before. I am NOT KIDDING when I say… LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

The title of this old blawg is “Higher Call” and so many times I have been tempted to change it to something more whimsical and cute. Here’s the thing… while God gives US the ability to be whimsical and cute… and I am so glad HE DOES! I am pretty sure that HE is not all whimsical and cute.. if you catch my drift. I mean… the UGLY truth is that He is down to some serious business in this sin-filled world! I love that He is AMAZINGLY creative and has a sense of humor… BOY does HE!? But at the same time there are some hurting and lost people out there that He is desperately trying to reach.

Just in the past few weeks in my own experience with people I have spoken with several teenaged unwed mothers, a woman whose husband has abused her for years and is living in an EXTREMELY difficult situation and a girl who is addicted to drugs. There have been life threatening situations where families have cried out to the Father in anguish for Him to intervene. I am talking LIFE ALTERING and deeply disturbing situations that are just plain NOT PRETTY! And those are just the people that I have talked to!! Imagine how many lives there are that are just hopeless and hurting due to sin and bad choices and illness and addiction and crime and shame and guilt and just plain hurt! It is really TOO much for any of us to handle and yet… if we are followers of Christ we are called to GO! Make disciples and be obedient! But how!?!? It’s too big!

I started asking God WHY!? Why would He bring these people into my life? I have NEVER been where they are and I do not know how to minister to them. I can pray. I can listen. I can give them scripture. That’s it! I, personally, have NOTHING for them.

His answer? “Exactly!”

HUH!? Oh, I was so confused. Until it hit me like a ton of bricks falling from a 40 story building!



The ugly truth is that there IS a Higher Call on my life and I have been too afraid to step out there and see what it was until now. The ugly part is my fear of stepping out, by the way, and not His call.

Ok, so here’s the cool part. I am sensing that because I am whimsical and like fun things and enjoy being with people that He is going to allow me (THIS IS SOO COOL and SOOO GOD!) to use what I have (and it ain’t much, trust me) to use it in the lives of these people. How!?! Well, that’s the part He hasn’t shared with me yet, but I sense that His plan is unfolding.

You know… this little girl?

april 2011 040

Well, she’s mine. And I am telling you that the growth that is taking place in her right now is blowing me away, BUT there was a time that I was completely overwhelmed by her delays. She has some struggles that I have shared about in the past and let me tell you… Time spent on our knees has been vital!!

But we weren’t the only ones praying. God put faithful friends who love Him into our lives who committed to believe and pray for us. He has put family into our lives that have supported us and loved us through every step of the road that we’ve taken. He has provided health care and therapy workers (who love Him!) that came up with plans to help us with her. I mean GOD provided!!

It is still a battle, but it’s getting a little easier. He is at work and He is growing her like we asked Him to! He answers! He hears!!  So… that is what I am suppose to give back! That is His plan!! Give the hope and love and support that I have come to know.

Ok, this is plenty long. If you are still reading by now.. God bless your baby heart! I guess I am just really excited and can’t wait to see the rest of the plan unfold.

What about YOU!?! How is God at work!?!


Jacquie said…
Great post! There is no better place to be than in the center of His will. I love that Christianity is "the great adventure"!
Bella Michelle said…
OH my...I am so behind in reading my favorite blogs (yours included!) and now I see I HAVE to catch up with what has been going on with you. Your faith and continued striving to grow closer to Christ is so encouraging and inspirational. I know your sweet little one is learning such good things by watching...He has big things planned for you all, I am sure!

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