Bloom Where You Are Planted

We have a friend that has cancer. It’s pretty aggressive, and treatment is just starting so it’s going to be a long road. Today on his Caring Bridge Site his wife posted a “tribute” to the parking attendant at the cancer center. Yes! The PARKING ATTENDANT! Not a nurse. Not a doctor. Not a person administering chemo and radiation… all of whom are working to save his life, but the parking attendant. Can you imagine?! Apparently, this man makes such a difference that he was even featured on the news because of the impact that he is making in the lives of those dealing with the terrible reality of cancer. Here’s what the news said about Dale King, the parking attendant:

Dale knows just about every patient in the center. He salutes them all as they drive in because he says, they're his heroes.

Recently, he started asking for photos of patients. He only keeps the photo a few days before turning it into a chalk pencil rendering that is in turn, given back to the patient as a gift. "I just come to show them some love, they make me want to come to work," said Dale.

From the hugs he gives, to the smiles he hands out, to the lives he touches before a doctor ever does, Dale King is the reason many visitors say the cancer center isn't unbearable after all.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Sometimes we get in such a rut. Our jobs are boring and we have long days. We feel overwhelmed by being a parent or are tired all the time from just doing the day to day stuff. I just thought it was so inspiring to see someone, who COULD allow his job to be really depressing, turn his job into an opportunity to be a blessing to someone…. Ok.. LOTS of someones!

Here’s the key. His eyes are not on himself. He’s not mumbling about how he hates standing in a parking lot everyday in the heat, cold or rain. He’s not spending time thinking that he could be doing something else that HE wants to do. Instead, he is considering what those who enter that parking lot are going through and he’s determined to make a difference.

AND another thing. I don’t know if this man knows Jesus or not. Let’s just suppose, for a minute, he does not. How sad is it that the Christians of this world are NOT making an impact like this where ever we go? Our attitudes are JUST LIKE THE WORLD’S in so many ways. We have our eyes on ourselves and we think about what is best for US when there are millions of unsaved and hurting people all around us! We are keeping the best news in the world to ourselves. JESUS SAVES! He loves YOU! He has a plan for YOU! He wants to help YOU be all that YOU can be! He is here and He is ready to hear your prayers! We could be shouting it from the rooftops just by living it out each day!

Ok, so let’s suppose that Dale, the parking attendant who is making a huge difference, IS a Christian. THAT, my friends, is how you do it!! He is living out Lamentations 3: 22-24

“Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed. For his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.”

When people pull into that parking lot full of fear, questions and pain Dale can (if he’s doing it for Christ) have the opportunity to share about the love of Christ, the compassion that never fails and His faithfulness to carry us through each day.

Honestly, if he’s a Christian or not….  I am extremely ashamed of myself for not living my everyday like Dale does. I DO have the hope of Christ. I DO have the knowledge of God’s Word and I DO have a place where I can make an impact every single day for Him. EVEN if it’s just in my home I can decide to get my eyes off of myself and onto my family who has needs and who need encouragement.

So… here’s to Dale! A man I’ve never met, but one who has inspired me today! I pray that I’d live my life in such a way that it makes people sit up and take notice all for the fame of Christ!!


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