Graduates, Brides and Birthdays! Oh My!

I think that almost everyone I know has something that they are celebrating right now! We have had more invitations to graduations, weddings and birthdays lately!

Even in our own family… I am in charge of the graduation at the pre-school where I work …



(don’t they look like they are ready for the world!?)

AND my daughter turns 11 on June 1st!

It seems like 5 minutes ago she was graduating herself… From pre-school that is!


Now here we are, years later getting ready to head to 4th grade!


I have friends who have kids that are getting ready to go to college and I seriously can’t believe that these kids are old enough to leave us!


While we are SO proud and happy for them… well, let’s just say that those of us having to let them go are not so excited… for US! WE can’t be THAT old, can we?

We even have one friend who’s daughter is graduating and then she is going to AFRICA to serve the Lord and those living there! Seriously… we all need a BIG OLE VALIUM over that one!

On the wedding front… we have been friends with one family for YEARS… and they’ve had both of their kids get married within the last 6 months!

Their son got married in November of last year…


and then in April their daughter tied the knot!


I knew these kids when they were LITTLE! Oh my! I may need to lie down.

Honestly, it’s really fun! It’s awesome to see our kids growing and it’s so fun to see how God works things out for each of them to be the people that He has designed them to be.

So… let the party continue! We’ve got lots to celebrate!


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