Busy and Questions Galore!

This has been the busiest summer so far! I keep thinking I am going to download all my pics and tell you all about everything, but that’s not happened yet!

We’ve had VBS (where I led the worship rally for the preschoolers) and we’ve been to the beach with friends. Our daddy didn’t go but we still had a good time. We are leaving today to head to my parent’s house for the 4th and next week is my sister-in-law’s birthday so I know there will be more pictures. Hopefully one day I will get to share our adventures… soon!

Being busy is  fun for me, but sometimes my girl gets really tired. I am not sure if it’s trying to work to process it all or if physically it just wears her out, but we’ve had several days of absolutely NOTHING and she’s been good with it. No pool, no errands, no friends… just home and she has seemed to enjoy the quiet. 

Going on the trips sometimes causes her to get into question overload. She will ask me (or whomever we are with) hundreds of questions about where we are going (even though she knows), when we will get there, how we will do whatever we are doing and who we will see while we are there. It’s sometimes overwhelming for everyone involved.

A long time ago I had a daily schedule for her that was typed out so that she could read it and know what to expect.Now that she’s  older I have tried to do without the written schedule since we do many of the same things each day and she seems to understand more.  Sometimes, though, when things don’t go well she just has a melt down.

Going to the beach with friends is fun, but the questioning makes me go into “protect all friends from all the questions” mode and I start compensating for her. I don’t enjoy the time away because I am on guard that she’s taking over everyone’s down time with all of the “needing to know right this very second.” While at the beach my friend asked me about a written schedule for the times that we go places. Maybe it will help with so many questions and she will know what to expect. I thought it was a great idea SO… here we go! We’ve come up with a little plan for going to see mom and dad…


o Leave around 3:30-4

o Play DS game, read or rest in the car

o Arrive and have dinner (make good choices and eat really good)

o Go for a little walk

o Get a bath and put PJ’s on (NO COMPLAINING!)

o Go to bed


o Wake up

o Have a good breakfast (including some sort of fruit)

o Do a couple of workbook pages

o Get dressed

o Be ready to go with the family to the Peach festival

o Have lunch

o Rest and help get things ready to come home

You can help make this a fun trip by listening and helping!


Hopefully putting in some reminders (like “No Complaining” at bath time and “including some sort of fruit”) will also help with the little battles that we face on a daily basis.

Funny! As I am typing this she’s reading her copy out loud to herself. She just said, “When dad gets here I can check off the “leave around 3:30 or 4,” right?” I guess we will see how this goes. If we have a schedule she might know what to expect, but if the schedule doesn’t work out… well… it could be a whole other story!


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