Arms In, Hands Up and Enjoy the Ride!

I asked Jesus into my heart when I was 10 years old. Until I was in my 20’s I seriously thought that God was a rule enforcer that loved me and wanted what was good for me, but not as the leader and Lord of my life. I am POSITIVE that I did not know what that meant… much less how to live that thing out!

Over the course of the last 20 years (I can NOT believe I am old enough to say that!) the Lord has shown me that my ways, thoughts and ideas have been in the forefront of my life and He has (in my eyes) been the Counselor who helps me get out of the messes that I make. For so long I would pursue what made me happy and then if it failed I’d run back to Him, with scraped knees and tears, asking what went wrong!?

The past 5 months have been completely different.

I’ve shared in past posts so much about the new clothing ministry that He put on my heart. Let me just honestly admit right here that He has done every single bit of it!! Those of us that are a part of it are just that… a part of it. It is much bigger and much more impactful and much more crazy than ANY of us could dream it might be. Only an AMAZING God with a mighty, mighty hand of power could bring such things into being and cause such blessings to occur. I just get to stand by and watch HIS hand at work and usually… I am one blubbery mess as I just stand, with my mouth open and tears streaming down my face, in awe of Him.

I could write a post every day and not be able to tell you all that happens that He just orchestrates like it all was planned from the beginning of time.

Here’s a little example. (Believe me… I could tell you SO many little examples, but here’s one)

We have shoes that we give away. As you can imagine, we have to be pretty picky about the shoes because they are used, but they are much needed and they go quickly.

I was convinced from the beginning that the clothing ministry would be a place of beauty and dignity so we were not just throwing shoes and clothing into boxes so that people could just dig through like they were at the landfill. No, we’d do it with grace and love and beauty or we would not do it. This would represent our Lord to the community and He is all of those things.. and so much more!

phone pics 101


SO… we have struggled with a shoe display and how we’d make them look presentable. One day we were just talking about how we needed something to put shoes on. It wasn’t a prayer. It wasn’t an effort to look for something… we just discussed it.

The next day… THE NEXT DAY… I got a message from a girl at church. “Hi, Melissa! I have a friend who needs to get rid of two low bookshelves because she is moving and does not want to take them with her. They are free. Can you use them?”

phone pics 096


Over and over again He brings just the right coat.. just the right sizes… just the right amount… just the right person at just the right time to meet needs that might not be met otherwise! To some it might seem small, but to those who have no means to shop for things that they need it is HUGE and it opens doors for us to share that God loves them so much and He wants to provide for their needs!!

Never in my life have I been willing to do something that God put on my heart like this. I have always questioned how it would happen, who would step up, how it would fall into place and where the time and money would come from. He has shown me just how narrow and limited and pitiful I am and how mighty and able and what a Provider He is!!

I don’t know what God is telling you to do, but take it from me, all you have to do is say yes. It is the RIDE OF MY LIFE and I can not wait to get there each week just to see what HE is going to do!! He will do it for you, too!! He will!!

Just get in with both feet! Be committed to do whatever He tells you to do… even if it sounds CRAZY. Wait on Him to move and you just HANG ON!!! You will be tired. You might be dirty and you might question things at times, but I can not imagine NOT seeing His miracles just because of my own limitations. It won’t always be smooth sailing and you will hit bumps in the road, but His promises are true and He does not call us to more than we can handle.


Cindy said…
Thank you for posting this Melissa. I needed to hear it. I am doing something that the Lord told me to do, but have been in a place of, "Why continue Lord? What's the point of all this?" This post has reminded me that HE is in charge, not me. He told me to do it and I need to continue doing it, until He tells me to stop. He has a plan. He knows the beginning from the end. I need to trust Him. Thanks for the encouragement.

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