Our Very Personal God and a BIG Decision

Don’t you just love how personal and real God is!? Sometimes I am literally speechless (which is a feat for me!) and left in complete awe as I realize how He just shows up to meet specific needs!!

This past week at the clothing ministry we saw 22 families in one day. I think a new record was set!!

One lady went to our food pantry first and they referred her to us. She came to the clothes closet and was just beaming. She told me that she had something to tell me and she was so excited!! She said that she was a single mom with 2 kids and a dog. She has been out of work and every bit of food that they buy or receive has to go to feed her and her kids. She has been worried that they could not keep their dog because they could not afford his upkeep, and she has been so sad because they love him so much.

She said that while she was at the food pantry she just thought that she’d mention the dog and their need for his food. The man explained that they don’t usually have food for pets. She said that while they were still talking a woman came in the door. “Hi!” she said. “I was wondering? Could you guys use any dog food? I have a 35 pound bag in my car that I need to donate!”

SHUT UP RIGHT NOW! Can you BELIEVE IT!? Not only did the woman donate the food, she also called and scheduled to have the dogs shots updated and his toe nails cut at HER vet’s office.

As you can imagine this single mom, who is out of work, seriously NEEDED a miracle. She wanted to take care of her responsibilities and she was just seeing no way out. She was beside herself with joy and her faith was strengthened that day because she knew that God had provided for her needs!

I can not tell you how many similar stories we see over and over again!! Our God provides the right sizes for families with multiple children. He provides the right article of clothing for the ones searching for clothes to wear to interviews, and He brings tears to the eyes of so many as they breathe a sign of relief that their needs have been met once again.

It is so amazing to see His hand at work and to be a small part of that process just makes my heart soar!

As a result of spending time in the clothing ministry I seriously want to do more. I know that my ongoing mission field is right here at my back door.  I also know that I have never been outside of the U.S. to go into other nations to share the truth of His love and sacrifice for them.

SOOO… this April I am joining a team of 8 and we are headed to Mozambique, Africa to help missionaries on the field in their effort to reach that area for Christ. I realize that 11 days in any location is not long enough to make a HUGE impact, but I sure would like to try. We would like to encourage the missionaries to press on and hopefully help them reach the villages with a VBS type approach. I am very excited about the possibilities of  planting  seeds in the hearts of those who are in remote areas of the world.

Our trip is not until April, but I have applied for my passport and have already gotten meds and vaccinations so that I can prepare to go. The plane tickets have been bought and the team has been assembled. My heart is being prepared daily as the Lord speaks to me about His provision for me, my family and my team while I am away. He is so faithful and I am so humbled that He’d be willing to allow me to serve ANYWHERE!

It’s true. Sometimes we leave a mission field to serve another. Sometimes we don’t even see the mission field that is right under our noses. I wanted to begin here. I wanted to seek His will for me to serve in my own town and know that I am doing what I can in my own community before leaving and serving another. He is showing me that BOTH are vital ministries and that I need to be open to going where He leads.. whether it is across the street or across the world. Both are also major adventures that are taking me on the wildest ride, and I am LOVING every minute of it!!


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