Smart Phone? Yes! Me? Not So Much

Guess what? I gotta new phone! Well, I got it at Christmas and my husband COMPLETELY surprised me because he is…shall we say… retro without trying to be!? My man will hold on to something until the wheels literally fall off!! I mean… wow.

Ok, so  at Christmas he told me that he was going shopping and, in true form, he was gone for HOURS. We sometimes think he may never return. When he came home he had a Target bag with a few small things in it for our daughter. NOW! In his defense she had the flu and was right underneath us so there was little hope of whispering little ideas to each other. He truly was on his own and so I thought, “Oh, bless his heart. That’s all he could find, but he tried SO hard.”


Later I found out that my man had been at Verizon and was deciding on which smart phone to get… FOR HIMSELF! All the while knowing that I had been begging, pleading, on my knees for a new phone. He feeds me this story that his OLD AS DIRT phone (not even lying… people joked that it was the first one made and had a crank! LOL!) had completely died and that he just had to try to figure out something so he went to the store and they were so busy and he had to wait forever and he blah, blah, blah…. I was SO mad. He even said, “Well, this one is a demo. I can’t decide and so the guy (which is our friend in real life) let me use this one until we could talk.”

I was not talking.

I was so MAD and tempted to start playing with it and doing all sorts of stuff, but I knew that if I picked it up and started loving it then I’d just be even madder so I just tried to pretend that this new phone, with all of these features that I’d wanted forever, was not lying on the night stand staring me in the face. The problem was HE was ignoring it, too! I kept saying, “Well, aren’t you going to learn how to use it!?” He just said, “Naaa… what if I don’t want to keep it and have to give it back. We need to talk about what we wanted to do.”

Well, in the mean time life happened. He went to work, I had Christmas stuff to figure out with a sick kid in tow…

Until the day that this little package was lying on the counter. It kinda looked like a wrapped package of gum, but it was a little larger. I did not even touch it. It didn’t have a name on it and it was something that he’d wrapped so I thought maybe it was something for our girl.

We go to his parent’s house on Christmas eve and he is carrying this little box. He says, “This is for you. I hope you like gum.” I just rolled my eyes.

That night as we opened gifts he hands it to me. I just took it and opened it. I didn’t ask questions. No one said anything about wondering what it might be… I just took it. I tore the paper off… and OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!


I seriously just sat there with my mouth hanging open.

His phone? Not a demo. All that time he’d spent trying to find US the best deal so that we both could be updated and we’d have something we’d really enjoy. I, on the other hand, felt like such a BRAT for acting like I did and for being mad at him. Then again… he lied quite a bit just to pull off the surprise!!


Patty Sumner said… funny! Glad you got one or he would have had a hard way to can totally relate...Enjoy that phone..Blessings!

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