Makes My Heart Sing!!


Africa 007

“O LORD, your are my God; I will exalt you; I will praise your name, for you have done wonderful things, plans formed of old, faithful and sure.” Isaiah 25:1

Yesterday this girl came home from school and told me that she had been in the regular classroom all day instead of going to her normal Special Ed class. She said, “Mom, I took 2 reading tests INDEPENDENTLY (yes, she used that word) and I made 100 on both.”

What she means is… I read a passage in the classroom where there were lots of kids moving around.I comprehended what I read and  I was able to read the test by myself and answer the questions correctly. No one read them to me to help me better comprehend it and no one had to read the answers aloud so that I could differentiate between the answers. I did it. BY myself.

Yesterday afternoon I was inside doing laundry. Suddenly the door from the garage opens and 5 children come into my kitchen asking for water to drink. She is at the back of the line of kids with the BIGGEST grin ever!!!

“Yeah mom! Me and my friends are thirsty!”

Usually, she is playing with one little boy next door. He was in the mix, but the rest were her peers. They were kids from down the street that she was playing with and interacting with socially and on her own.

I did not make her come in until dark. She ate dinner at her bed time. There was no way that I was stopping the joy that this kid felt as she had a day where she felt like every other kid.

My heart is overflowing with praise and gratitude to our God for hearing the prayers of this mom and for allowing me to see the progress and growth that she is gradually making. His faithfulness to love her and to help her grow deserves all praise!!

If you see me at church… and during the praise and worship… if I run a few laps around the sanctuary… don’t mind me. I just can hardly contain the praise!!


Willie Mae Rumph said…
I love reading about your mission field - the Clothes Closet! You are right where you need to be with your bright smile and your contagious enthusiasm for life!
Thanks for letting us share how He is using you. And blessings on your Sweet Precious one and this progress she has made. Our heart is singing with you in your praise!

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