Things You Take Away From Africa

I can not believe it’s been almost a week since I returned from our mission trip. It has honestly been one hard week of processing and jet lag recovery. So many people have asked me, “Well? How was it? Did you have a good time?” My response has been…”Ummm, I guess? Let’s just say it’s overwhelming in many ways.”

Clothing auction on the side of the road in Nacala, Mozambique.

Africa 062

Now, do not get me wrong. There was the amazing team of people that worked together to make this trip so great and we helped one another by experiencing it all together!

Africa 012Africa 181

Africa 167

It’s just that all that I have taken away from such an experience has made me more aware of ALL of my greediness, selfishness and the fact that I am just one spoiled American!

Seriously? How many drinks do two women need at one meal sitting on the airplane?

Africa 015

I suppose that some of what I have seriously taken is this:

I live in a privileged place in this world that I honestly take for granted every day.

Africa 011

I have clean water and food to eat and I have it in abundance.

My husband loves me and we have a child that we cherish and want to see grow in the Lord and in life.

Africa 007

We have a church that loves the Lord and we live in a place where we are safe and free to worship there. Some places in the world do not have such luxury.

Entrance to the church in Nacala, Mozambique where the gospel was shared and children came to relationship with Christ.

Africa 044

So much of what I have taken away I can not put into words. It reaches into my family, my marriage and into my very being.

One thing I know for sure: Being in God’s will and telling others about Him and His grace have been a turning point in my life and I will never be the same. Oh, I pray… I will never be the same.


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