“Living Sent” Laughter

Before leaving for Africa I had to take some time off from the Clothes Closet to prepare for my trip. I was also away (of course) while I was in Africa so I have not had much time in the Clothes Closet for a little over a month! Today was my day!! I was so excited to go back and on my drive into the church I prayed that the Lord would show up in a BIG way for someone today.

He did not disappoint.

Two young ladies came in together today. They are both in their 20’s and  are both already single moms with multiple children each.

I got them registered and they began to shop. I heard them talking.

“Hey, this might be good for graduation.”

“Yeah, or maybe this?”

One of them turned to me and said, “We are graduating Friday. We have been taking a class at this place (and she named it) where they teach job skills. We have been learning about talking to people and making a good impression and how to interview for jobs. We have to be dressed professionally and we are really excited! We met in the class and we are supporting each other as we try to get our lives straight. We HAVE to do this for our children. We HAVE to turn our lives around and be the example for our kids that we are suppose to be.”

I told them that that sounded great and to take all the time that they needed.

Sure enough. The girls only shopped for dress pants, dressy tops and skirts. They kept talking about how they had no money to buy the appropriate clothing but that they really wanted jobs and they wanted to be out from under the government aid that they both received. I was so amazed!!!

As the girls shopped The Lord reminded me of 2 purses that had been donated in September when we opened. We had never put them out because we were not sure how to make it fair for all shoppers considering that these purses were COACH bags. One was brown and a smaller bag and one was a bigger black bag and they were very nice and were in terrific shape.

We bagged their clothing items and they were so excited. I stopped them before they left and I asked, “Do you have a church? We’d love for you to come here! We have a place for your children and for you! And if you are REALLY trying to get things on track the Lord will just love you through that here!”  They said they would consider coming and I gave them church information.

Then I asked, “Are you SERIOUS that you are going to graduate on Friday? Are you SERIOUS that you are going to look for jobs and that you are going to continue to work to make your lives better for your kids?”

“YES! We have come too far to turn back! We will bring you our diplomas so you can see that we did it! Yes!! We are serious!!”

I told them to wait for me while I went to the back. As I walked back to get the purses I prayed that they would not both want the bigger black bag. I just waned them to be excited and love what they were about to receive.

I walked to the front and I said, “Happy Graduation!”

I wish I could describe what happened next!! They both started jumping up and down and crying. “Are you kidding me!? Oh my gosh! Are you kidding?!?” And they hugged me… at the same time! One on my back and one on my front… they hugged me and laughed and cried and laughed and laughed… “We can not believe it! Are you serious?!”

I stopped them and I prayed with them. We prayed for their jobs and their children and their graduation to be the example that they pray that it will be to their families. I explained that I did not give them the purses but that someone had donated them and that I was waiting on the Lord to prompt me as to who He would have them go to. They just hugged me and hugged me with tears in their eyes… and again… the Lord did not disappoint.


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