Living Sent

Lately the challenge from the leadership at our church has been to “Live Sent”. Basically what this means is that our every day is meant to be lived in the light of the Great Commission to “go and make disciples” while living our every day lives. While we are encouraged to go on short term mission trips and share the gospel with the nations we are also called to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our own city.

This week in the Clothing Ministry I have seen God’s hand at work just like I do each week. People come in with some specific needs for themselves and their children. Some are in great need and some are just in between jobs and are needing a few things to get by, but overall each person is in need of something and we’ve seen the Lord provide over and over again!

One day a young man in our church came through the door of the Clothes Closet. I had not seen him there before so I assumed he was there to make a donation. He came in following a group of people and when I noticed him he smiled and waved. I asked how I could help him and he said, “Can you help my friend? Her name is Ashley and she is in need.” We got his friend registered and she began to shop. As she walked away he said, “She came to my door this morning asking for money or help. I don’t want to give her money that she might spend on drugs and I didn’t know what else to do. I know that we need to help and so I brought her here. I hope that is ok!”

We were not only able to help her with clothes for herself and her child, but we were able to tell her about our  new single mom’s ministry that is starting and we gave her information about the church. By the time she left she was smiling and so excited to have a few “new” things.

Another lady from our church came and brought her friend and her friend’s two children with her. They do not speak English and so she wanted to come to be sure that they could communicate what they needed. Though I could not directly speak to her I could tell that this gesture of love and translating meant SO much to her! As a result of her encouragement and willingness to spend time with this friend they are now willing to come to church and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

All kinds of people have brought donations to the Clothes Closet. It has been amazing to meet people who have attended our church for a number of years and yet, I’ve never met them! I have loved seeing Senor adults, young married adults, people with little kids and even widows all join together to make this ministry go! We have prayed with and for some of them and THEY have prayed with and for US!

Living Sent does not have to be hard. It does not have to be expensive or even require a lot of time. People ALL around us are hurting and re in need of a Savior who gives eternal hope. The smallest gesture of giving COULD point that person to Christ and a life could be saved if we are willing to take the time or just pay attention. 

God is blessing and we are so encouraged! I pray that today you are LIVING SENT!


Cindy said…
It's always encouraging to read about what God is doing at The Clothes Closet. Thank you for this reminder to Live Sent.

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