Bag of Blessings

It was a busy day. Twenty families visited the Clothes Closet. I was in the middle of the busyness. Counting clothes, managing questions, typing names into the computer.

She came in carrying a white clutch purse. She asked how many items she could take when I said, “Five for you and for each of your sons” she replied with, “Well, you are giving less and less.” It was strange for her. She wasn’t new, and I knew her as a positive and grateful woman.

She said, “I have an interview today.” She did not seem encouraged. Behind spiritual needs, jobs are the number one need in the community now. The clothing comes in somewhere down the line after spiritual, jobs, family and food needs. So many ask about leads and whether I can employ them. It would seem that she’d be thrilled. Excited at least.

“You probably don’t have clothes for me. I have nothing to wear for this interview.”
While we do have eight racks of clothing the truth is that I thought she might be right. Though we have many nice items there the truth is that a size 24 is not a common size. I begin to understand.

There were two ladies working in the back sorting through clothes that would eventually come out onto the floor. I walk back and I ask them to begin to look, and they both look at me with doubtful eyes. “It’s just not everyday that we run across such donations.”

I do recall a pair of jeans that were kept for such situations. They are nice and they are a size 24. While she was surprised and grateful this wasn’t interview material and she’s visibly concerned.

“The interview is in 2 hours. What will I do?”

She continues to look and suddenly my friend comes from the back room. She is carrying a hounds tooth black and white jacket, a purple and black dress and khaki pants. “I found these in a bag. They’ve been hidden among the items for a while, I guess.” She takes them and holds them up. They are each the right size.

I follow my friend as she returns to sorting only to return within minutes. There’s more. A blue skirt. A black pair of pants. A brown skirt. A blue dress. All in her size and all very appropriate for an interview.

I take them back to her and before I hand them to her I say, “Sweetie, do you know Jesus as your Savior? If you don’t today is the day that you need to realize His provision and love for you!!! He died to set you free from this worry and concern! He loves you!”

She is speechless. I hand her the items. She holds each one up and her visible concern turns to visible amazement.

“I woke up this morning so discouraged. I was so sad! I have 2 sons and have not had a job for so long. It has been so hard, but we’ve tried to keep going. I decided to go to the unemployment office one more time. The case worker said there was a job, but the interview was today. I had NO way of knowing what I’d wear, but I said I would go. She made the appointment and I came here. I had no idea what would happen, but I had to try! Yes, I do know Jesus as my Savior and even if this interview does not work out I will be at church Sunday wearing my new clothes and telling others of how He came through for me today! And if I do get the job I will be back to bring a praise report to whomever is here that day!”

Before she left we prayed. We asked the Lord to help her with the interview and we prayed that in all things He would be honored. I reminded her that I did not bring those items to the ministry… He did. I had NO way of knowing her need or that she would have an interview, but He did and every part of that blessing was straight from Him!

I do not know what your need might be today. It might be something truly unusual or rare, but He IS ABLE! His hand is not too short and He knows our needs long before we do… and He provides!


Patty Sumner said…
What a wonderful story! Yes, our God cares about even the little things.....clothes we need just when we need them...Give us this day our daily bread...So thankful for the ministry you work in.. Blessings!
Willie Mae Rumph said…
Another wonderful example that God has the solution even before the need is realized or expressed. Thank you for being such a vital part of putting the two together and showing to 'the least of these' that God loves them!
Blessings on you all as you fulfil your calling there in the Closet.

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