Lessons for Me

The air is hot today. There’s not much of a breeze. The couple came in seeking help. Him wearing a vest over a shirt and pants, and her sweater was tied around her waist. They were red faced from walking in the heat and are carrying a box of food. It’s awkward. They are awkward. Not sure how to ask for what they need and unsure of our intentions.

I invite them in and offer seats for their rest and to cool for a moment. I explain our intentions to help if they can share their need. They are not married, there are children who are living with family, they have no jobs, they are riding the bus because they are without a car. They aren’t sure we can help. The box… it’s so heavy and not easy to manage.

We offer a bag to replace the box hoping to take away some of the awkwardness… both with the box and with ourselves. It helps.

They begin to shop and begin to take items from racks. Some for them and some for children that they can’t support. There is suddenly shame and uncertainty. They decide to leave the items behind.

“Are you sure?” I ask. “You are welcome to them.”

He finally says, “It’s so hard. I can’t carry it all. The food is heavy. The vest is too hot and the stupid weather man said it would rain. If I only had a car. I can’t carry it all on the bus. I can’t carry it all.”

He does not just mean the items.

He would not hear me as I offered church, Bible, encouragement for their everyday. He was too frustrated to hear it all.

But then the voice. That still small voice said it to MY heart. “You don’t HAVE to carry it all. I do that for you. Rest in Me. You can’t carry it all. That’s why I am here.”

Today was for me. Today was to remind me. He carries me. He knows my every struggle and insecurity… I could NOT be more insecure… and He carries me.

He said to me, “Come. All who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.”

Today, I was tired. I was worried and I was praying for so many in need. Sometimes ministry overwhelms your heart and you want to do more!! So much more.

Only He is enough for them. Only He is enough for me.


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