Funny stuff, people!

Well, friends, my kid has been out of school for a whoping 6.5 days and she is seriously cracking me up. Kindergarden humor is really, well, funny!

She goes to a Christian school and they learned the scripture in Luke 2 about the angel appearing to the shepherds. Every time my husband and I read it from our Bibles it says, "Do not be afraid." To which she responds, in a LOUD voice, "NO! It is FEAR NOT! Ibringyougoodtidingsofgreatjoywhichwillbetoallpeople! Mom! Get it right!"

Charlie Brownesque, wouldn't you say? She runs the entire sentence together and she does not breathe. It is so funny.

Another thing that is really cracking me up is while shopping she is noticing other kids being disciplined by their moms. Yesterday she saw a little guy running from his mom. She stopped, watched the maddness unfold and then turned to me and said, "ohhhh! If she calls his daddy! Spankin'! " ALL seriouslike.

Perhaps she IS realizing that these moms (and dads!) mean business! I was starting to have my doubts.

Another thing about the holiday stuff is that she has been so busy and as a consequence she has been really tired and one day I had just had it! After staying up late and getting up early several days in a row I decided that we were both going to take a nap. To my surprise she did not put up a fight! As a matter of fact, she said, "Ok mom. I am going to lay down my sweet little head... just like Jesus."

What am I going to do with this kid? I guess I will just love her. She is such a gift and such a funny and happy part of my life. She IS my life.


Valarie said…
From the mouth's of babes!! Land sakes she cracks me up too girl!!!

Love that "sweet little head" line! I sure hope you're writing all this stuff down!! TOO FUNNY!!!

Love ya.
Emily said…
I think she had fun today at the b-day party for Jesus too :) I loved the Christmas Card pic of her on the Eller fridge! Too funny. . . .Also, met your mom and ya'll talk just alike. Katie told her the Kim Bullion story and now she probably thinks I'm crazed.

Merry Christmas!
Melissa said…
well girls.. I get a lot of comments that she just seems so sweet.. and she is, but she definitely has a sassy side too... oh my goodness.. and we are not even close to 13 yet!

Emily, nothing surprises my mom. She has a grown up Caroline!
Hey, Melissa!

Those are so cute! My Aaron just cracked us up (he's 4). We were singing, "Feliz Navidad" and he was singing, "fleas on a duck."

Merry Christmas and a blessed 2008!

Melissa said…
Fleas on a duck!? Oh, that is funny! There is a vet near our house that has "Fleas Navidad" on their marquis!! He could write comedy! Don't they crack you up? My husband and I have been singing Fleas on a duck since we read that!! Thanks for the laugh! :)

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