Oh my word I am so tired! We just finished the 4th performance of our choir Christmas program at church. If one woman said it, a hundred did..."My feet are KILLING ME!" Standing for a solid hour in a long black skirt, a bright red sparkly top and black shoes really does set a girl on her fanny for a while. The last time, I just wore socks! No one was looking at my feet anyway. I am thinkin' next year... that is THE way to go!

Ok, that entire paragraph was one solid complaint! Do you think for one minute that Jesus cares how much my feet hurt for one hour? He came so that I could know salvation, and I am complaining about hurting feet. This is my biggest problem right now... I have noticed that I am one BIG complainer!! WHO LIKES A COMPLAINER?? Well, I for one, do not!

Last week I heard a pastor on the radio praying for his congregation. He asked the Lord to help them to not have a complaining spirit. I began to pay attention to my own mouth and determined that THIS is the same prayer that I need to pray on my own behalf! I noticed that I was complaining about serving, complaining about my kid, complaining about my weight, complain, complain, complain! Well... here's the thing... NONE of it honors God and I am sounding like a person who does not know that she is a child of God!! IT must stop!! NOW!

So many times I hear people complain and I think, "Do they know how good they really have it?"

I believe that if I am going to complain about something that two things needs to happen. First, I need to recognize my complaining spirit and ask for forgiveness, and second, I need to be willing to do something about it instead of just complaining all of the time! It does NOT show a heart of gratitude and it certainly does not change anything to just spout off about things in a negative way!

This time of year is a busy time, but it is also a sweet time of celebration. Our children learn things like Christmas carols and how to bake cookies at this time of year. Yes, it can be stressful, but people hear about our Savior through songs and church programs and children's musicals. I do not want to get caught up in "my feet hurting" and lose the joy that this time of year brings. What an honor to celebrate our Savior's birth!! No complaints came from His mouth as He lay down His deity to become a baby lying in a manger. He came willingly and humbly.

His birth challenges me to see the world in a different light. His Light! One of grace, mercy and goodness. With a spirit of love and honor for our King.

Funny, I do not remember "complaining" listed in the list of Fruit of the Spirit! So what fruit AM I bearing?? And what am I telling others in my complaining about my faith?

Jesus! Please forgive me for having a complaining spirit! You are so worthy of any effort that I can put forth to praise Your name! Forgive me for being ungrateful and help me to see the blessings of each day instead of the negative things. Help my life to reflect You to others and may they see Your gift of Jesus at Christmas and all through the year! Jesus, please help me to lay down my own agenda and to take up Your plan for me everyday! In Your will is where I long to dwell and in Your presence is where I find rest. I love you Jesus!


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