He loves me, He loves me... not?

This Christmas my sweet husband took me purse shopping. I was SO thrilled to get something really nice. I was certain that would be my only gift from him, but when we went to bed on Christmas night, we turned off the lights and as soon as I shut my eyes I felt a gift land on my stomach! "What in the world?" I asked with delight! Well, he had done it again! There on my stomach was a box wrapped in Christmas paper and inside was a new, soft pair of PJ's!

See, through our eleven years of marriage my husband has kidnapped me twice, (once he packed my luggage and took me to a bed and breakfast in the mountains after a long year of teaching school, and the other time he planned for his mom to keep our daughter, bought concert tickets in another town, and picked me up from a doctor's appointment unexpectedly then drove me to dinner and a concert an hour away.) he danced with me in the lobby of the hospital as the sweet little man played on the lobby piano after our daughter was born, and he has given me many gifts including a car for my first mother's day! (we were planning to buy it all along, but I had no idea it would be in the garage that day... with classical music playing on the radio as I climbed in.)

Now what you need to know about my husband is that he does not look like the most romantic type. Actually, he is a structural engineer. You know, they sometimes carry pocket protectors. Yea, those guys! The brainy sort. The ones that are smarter than any one person should be. That's him. My sweet husband.
Sometimes in our lives we question whether or not our Heavenly Father really loves us. We go through difficult times, we do not feel Him near us or we just feel lonely and are in need of a touch from Him. Sometimes we get caught up in the feelings that we feel or do not feel and we question whether or not He is really here with us or whether or not He really cares.
You know, my husband, as sweet as he is, has to work hard at being creative. He has to really think and plan things out in order to pull off those surprises, but he does it!! He is just a man, but he shows me that he loves me in so many ways. Yes, there are times that I feel far from him, but overall, I know that he has committed to me and will always love me.
Our Lord, however, does not have to try at all!! He does not have to work to be creative. He does not have to really think things through or plan things to show us His love. Every morning the sun comes up. Every time we breathe He provides the exact amount of oxygen and the exact heart beat to keep us alive. He is the same.. yesterday, today and tomorrow... and He is ALWAYS here.
If we sense that He isn't here or near maybe it is because WE have moved away from Him and we need to reevaluate OUR walk with Him. Perhaps we need to evaluate WHO we are listening to and if it is not Jesus... well, let's put our noses right in His Word and turn up the volume!!
Oh, sister! He loves you so much! He is here every single day to remind you that you are a Daughter of the King!! Those leaves that changed and fell to the ground... that was for you! That sweet little bird that flew to your window... that was for you! Those rain drops that touched your nose today... that was just for you! That beautiful sunset... well, just for you.. a painting painted by the Father's hand just to remind you that He IS here! And He loves you very much.
Psalm 145:9 "The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made."


Emily said…
What a sweet picture!
Melissa said…
they are sweet! I just love 'em!
Leigh Gray said…
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Valarie said…
Girl, I love this post and LOVE that picture!! I told you a long time ago Steve was my hero! hahaha

Pinch that sweet man on the cheeks for me today!! haha
Love ya.

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