Christmas Cards and Pictures too!


My friend Faith is doing a Christmas card exchange and I REALLY want to participate! Thing is… I did my card in Shutterfly and it’s not letting me “share”!! Hello! It’s Christmas! We are suppose to share!! If anyone can tutor me on getting my card on here I will gladly share!

 EDITED TO SAY: Yay for Faith! She scanned it for me! SOOO here we are!! LOVE HER! Thanks girl! :)g-christmas card

SOOO I guess I will share our most recent photos that we had done this past weekend! I LOVE them! Faith, and other friends, had their photos done by Heather and so we decided that it looked like fun and we wanted to give her a try! Man, are we glad we did??!! 


  _DSC0696_DSC0671 _DSC0676



I love the ones with the initials! It’s like we have our monogram on the pics! WHO doesn’t love a monogram??

I am looking forward to sharing more with you soon. We need to make a decision about which ones we want to order and I love so many of them! We had such a great time that I really didn’t want it to end. The best pictures came at the end of our time together when Caroline was not trying to put on a show for her. Once we got comfortable it was time to leave!! I am still excited about how they turned out, and we had a great time just being together as a family.

What do you think??


Faith said…
Aaaahhhh!!! These are SO good! I LOVE the one of Caroline with the "C" cool! Oh, they are all so good and I'm glad you went to see Heather - she's the best!

Oh, and why don't you scan your Christmas Card into your computer so you can participate? That should work!!
Rebecca Jo said…
What terrific pictures!!!! Holy cow - Caroline's hair looks so thick!!!
Heather said…
I LOVE the pics!!!! That girl is talented, I tell ya! You guys are such a precious family!
Amy E. said…
Those pics are just awesome! Isn't she amazing?! My favorite is with Caroline on the C's just so natural!
See you Saturday!
Mandi said…
I really like the message on your card and your family photos are beautiful!
ThreeGirlyGirls said…
Very cute! And oh my goodness I LOVED your session with Heather!! I've got to go see that girl! She's amazing!!
The McCarls said…
I love your card and all of the pictures. Have a wonderful Christmas!
Jenna said…
Love the Christmas card and love the pictures of your sweet little family!! Thanks for sharing!!
Kendra said…
Those are great pics! Love the Card!!
Merry Christmas!!
The Browns said…
What a beautiful family! "Melissa" is my middle name & I love it! I hope you & your family have a Blessed Holiday. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

MiMi said…
Melissa, I love them! All of them! And I am so glad that you got your Christmas card posted. What a great picture of your precious family!

Thanks for sharing!
What stunning photos!!! Absolutely beautiful!

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