Prayer Works, Ya'll!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support that so many of you have offered during this time for my Mother-in-law! Many people have told me that though they don't leave comments (and shame on you by the way!) you have been keeping up with what's going on through this blawg! AND you have been praying! THANK YOU! We definitely feel the prayers and we can tell you that it works!

The surgery went very well. We are so thrilled that they found no more cancer and they were able to get all that they did see. Therefore, she will not need chemo or radiation!! She will have a long recovery and it will be pretty painful for a while, but she is lovin' her some morphine today so we will just celebrate! Seriously, she is doing very well with the pain meds and she is so happy that they are past the surgery part and onto healing!

While we are thrilled with the results and we know that the Lord had His Jehovah-Raffa hand on her we really had such a sense of peace that no matter what HE is and was in control! I could tell that my husband and his brother and dad were just breathing enough to live before the surgery was over. They could not eat and they were so quiet, but they were not afraid. It was like they were just in a quiet place with their Abba Father until they came to say that things were fine. After that, there was this corporate breath that they all took at one time! And they prayed and thanked the Lord for His presence.

Before they took her back we were in the prep area and my sweet husband asked that our family hold hands around her bed and pray. It was the first time that she cried. Just the sweetness of that moment standing before the Father as a family was really quite precious.

He is faithful. He is our Daddy, and we can't take ONE single step without Him!


Anonymous said…
Iam so glad she is doing well, I was thinking about you guys on Monday.

Melissa H
MiMi said…
So thankful that your MIL came through the surgery so well! I know she has a long road of recovery ahead of her and I will be praying for her!

Praise the Lord that she does not have to have chemo or radiation! What an answer to prayer!
Faith said…
God is good! Rejoicing over this awesome report and continuing to pray for a smooth recovery.

Love you!
Jacquie said…
Great news. I love that you give all the praise and glory to HIM! We'll keep y'all in our prayers.
Heather said…
This made me is so hard to watch our husbands be strong in the face of fear and adversity, but I love how much we can all see God in yours!!! Praising Him for your MIL's surgery and praying for smooth and complete recovery!

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