First Time Flower Girl

It has been a while since I have had time to get my thoughts together well enough to write a post! We have been super busy with my mother-in-law’s hospital stay on top of the Christmas rush! On top of all of it my friend Amy got married, and our Caroline was in the wedding!!

She had a sweet dress for the rehearsal. 018 013

I thought she looked very sweet with her little brown dress and beige/gold sweater. She had never been in a wedding so this was all exciting and new. She asked TONS of questions all the way there (it was about 45 minutes from our house so we had plenty of talking time!) but she was ready to go!

On the way home from the rehearsal her daddy started explaining that he had not felt well the entire night and he was afraid he was getting sick! Sure enough, during the night he woke up with a fever. Needless to say, he didn’t get to experience her first big day as a flower girl.

So the next day  off we went, leaving daddy at home in bed, with curls in our hair and a pretty dress to wear.

Look at these precious shoes! 001

And here’s her pretty dress… she felt like a real princess!



With the bride before the wedding… they had the same color dresses and the same slippers.

Amy has always been very special to Caroline! She is the Children’s Minister at our church and has always taken such good care of our girl! She was actually babysitting Caroline on her first date with her new husband, Joel. They decided to meet at the mall and Amy had taken Caroline there to Build-A-Bear that same day. My husband was on his way to get her when Joel arrived so she was one of the first kids from Amy’s ministry that Joel met.


A practice run…006

And then lining up for the big “show”! Everyone wore black but the bride and Caroline.  She was so sweet at the end of that line of ladies… waiting her turn to walk down the aisle.


And here she is! Taking it all in as Miss Amy became Mrs. Amy Alley!


At the end of the ceremony, after the kiss, Caroline said, “Miss Amy! Did you kiss?” REALLY loud. I wanted to crawl under the pew!! Lots of people laughed and later told me that it just made it sweeter so I guess I will take their word for it!

I was very proud of our girl that day, and I am so happy for Amy and Joel! We wish them all the best and are praying the Lord’s richest blessings on them as they begin their life together!


Rebecca Jo said…
How beautiful she is!!!! Love those slippers myself...

And I bet those words she spoke up made the moment even more precious... the innocence of children...

Hope your hubs is feeling better!
Faith said…
Gracious, she looks so precious!!! I love all the pictures. I think her hair looks so pretty in that clip. What a sweet, sweet day!!
MiMi said…
Precious! She absolutely looked like a little princess!

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