And Then My Mouth Fell Open

Last night while having dinner with my family my husband and child were playing at the table. If she tried to reach for something he would act like he was going to bite her arm or tickle her or something... you know, dad-ish!

We were eating at Chili's so I wasn't really paying attention to them. I was looking at the menu quietly... FINALLY a second where someone else could answer her questions and deal with the kid. I mean, I noticed that they were playing around and laughing, but wasn't paying attention to what all they were doing.

Our dinner came, we ate, we talked, we planned our course of action for the weekend (because we are going to the beach tomorrow with his mom and dad!! YAY!), and we just sort of chilled. WELL, Chili's is having a deal where you order an appetizer, 2 meals and a dessert for $20 and we had a $25 gift card! SWEET! So we were excited about the dessert that was on the way.

They finally bring the dessert, my daughter grabs her spoon at the same time my husband does and he sort of fights her for the first bite. As they are sort of play fighting my daughter says to my husband, "Bite me!"

I looked up from my napkin that I was putting in my lap! WHAT?! DID SHE SAY "BITE ME"? My mouth fell open and my eyes got as big as saucers! At first it didn't dawn on my husband as to why I was looking at him like that... and then it hit him. Neither of us said a word because who wants an 8 year old to catch on that what she just said might really mean something to the grown ups?? He just burst out laughing! "No! Honey!! A little while ago I was pretending to bite her if she reached across me!! That's why she said that!" More laughter... tears now... "Oh! You have GOT to blog about this one!"

Uh. yea!


Faith said…
Oh my, that girl is a mess!! Y'all have fun at the beach. I'm sure you'll have lots more blog worthy material when you get back =)
Bella said…
LOL...out of the mouth of babes!

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