Summer Fun

We have been too busy to blog and here's proof! Not that you need it because I know that you are just as busy and just as crazy as we are, but I will share anyway!! :)

Just after school was out we had a little spring dance recital.. and when I say little I mean "little"! As in 3 little girls in their little tutu's doing 2 little dances and it lasted 30 little minutes. Little.


But little is fine with me and her daddy! We enjoyed our 30 minute show instead of the typical 5 hour one where you watch everyone else and their sister dance until yours gets to come on stage for 5 minutes. I'm just sayin'... it was nice.


Were they EVER doing the same thing at the same time? I think not. It was cute though.. and we are all about some cuteness!!

Next we got a major hair cut! (and we are ALWAYS holding the kitty. ALWAYS. Wears me and the cat completely out!)


Then we about killed ourselves VBS week, but it was awesome and she made some steps towards being a Christian!! WOO!! HOO!!

Here's our girl singing on the BOOMERANG EXPRESS!


Then we've played... seen friends... played... swam... played... cleaned house... grocery shopped... played some more and been a little lazy.

Here she is with our friends' kids (and my hyperlink has stopped working! nice.) at the 4th of July....030

Basically, since school is out it has been all about entertaining the kid. Can't tell can you? Hopefully daddy and I will get some fun time too... I need to plan that! :)

Hope your summer is great!


Rebecca Jo said…
Look at that hair grown up!!!

But still such a cute little girl.. tutu's.. nothing as adorable as little girls in tutus
Ginger said…
I'm with you....summer can be so busy! Great the hair cut!
Faith said…
I love that first tu-tu pic. Soooo cute!!!

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