So I am not sure why, but today I have had ZERO patience. I didn't start out as Mommy Dearest... I have just seemed to evolve into her over the course of the day. I live with the same 8 year old that I had yesterday so why are the things that she's doing today... which are not a whole lot different from the things she did yesterday... literally causing my head to spin around like someone from a horror flick?

I tried to take her beach and school shopping a little today. While we were there she asked me 1.5 million questions (most of them over and over again), layed in the floor under the clothes where others were trying to shop, and asked me "why" 1000 times. I am sure the other shoppers were wondering who that mad woman was that was dragging her kid to the car by her arm... the one that was asking, "Mom, am I gonna get a spankin'? Am I mom?" .... and yet I could have cared less.


AND what a witness I've been today. Just showing Jesus to others... and especially my child. Yes, ESPECIALLY her.

And she got zero clothes by the way. Zero.

Yep. Mom of the Year. That's me. :) GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!


Rebecca Jo said…
Dont be so rough on yourself... some days are just hard...
Ginger said…
I can relate! That was me on Monday...no patience whatsoever even for the little things.

Some days are just more challenging than others, but tomorrow is a new beginning!

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