Budget Talks 2010

You know, things are pretty tight everywhere! With so many job cuts, pay cuts and every other kind of cut the economic picture right now is pretty dim. People are doing all kinds of things just to make a buck!

Well, here at the Guinn Inn things have been a little tighter than usual. I have tried to do a few things to help cut back, but it just isn't enough and it has caused, shall we say, a little STRESS!!

Last night we had a "no kid night" (usually known as date night until the budget brought THAT to a screeching halt!) and we decided it was time for a meeting of the minds. So we cooked dinner at home (to save money!) and then sat down at the computer for a little heart to heart over spending. Oh, joy.

 It was "THE GUINN INN BUGET TALKS of  2010" and will be televized on CNN next week. Times TBA.

One thing that sorta-kinda-not really  got me in the mood to get down to the nitty gritty was this post by the Nester about saving money and getting out of debt. Thankfully my man has been diligent about keeping us out of debt but the saving money part has been harder and harder lately. I am so proud of him because he REALLY tries to not fuss when I spend, and since I do all of the shopping for the family that is a weekly thing!

One thing that has helped us TREMENDOUSLY was taking a Crown Financial Class at our church several years ago. My husband is one of those who could take a paycheck, keep $20 and put the rest in the bank or give it away to needy children around the world. I, on the other hand, would take a paycheck, put $20 in the bank and spend the rest... ON ME! Because I NEEDED A NEW OUTFIT every week! You can imagine the battles that ensued once we married. Oh yea. Not a pretty thing.

So the Crown class helped us to see spending, saving and giving from God's perspective. It helped us see that my way was not the right way (to my great surprise!) and neither was his. We needed some balance. Now that we have been married for almost 14 years we both realize that we still need God's Word as our guide and that neither of us have all the answers.

We made a little progress last night, but the BUDGET TALKS of 2010 will need to reconvein at another date and time. We are already beginning to see where we are careless and that we can do a better job if we work together to make some changes. We need to pay more attention to the details instead of just estimating here and there. I am interested in working some to help with the bills while protecting the time that I spend with my girl as she grows(so I need to do some research and be praying about what God would have for me)  AND I could do a better job of shopping around for deals and not just buying items because they are at my favorite store. THEN there's the whole eating out thing! Oh heavens!

One thing I know for sure... without the Lord as our guide I can definately see that we would be going head to head over this whole thing.What are you doing to help your family in these tight times? I'd love to hear suggestions!


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