Yard Sale-in'

Today two of my friends and I did a yard sale together. Here are a few lessons that I learned:

1. Do not hold a yard sale in the middle of July lest you plan on sweating profusely and being even MORE attractive than the yard sale crowd.

2. Joining up with friends to do a yard sale is a grand idea! If you are gonna kill yourself for a .25 sale, you might as well do it in good company!

3.You don't have to price every single itty bitty thing. People will not pay that price anyway so why bother?

4. Just put yourself out there if you really want the sale!  One of my friends tried to sell a car seat and she was a go getter. She would even say, " You know someone who needs a car seat? Give 'em a call! I'm here until one!" YOU GO GIRL! Loved it!

5. Sending your kids to grandmas while you get ready for the sale is the BEST IDEA SINCE SLICED BREAD!

6. Spending days pulling out junk, pricing it and sitting in the drive way to sell it is a LOT of work. Somehow from year to year I forget this principle and I do it anyway! I am worn slap out!

7. Dunkin' Donuts is your friend.

8. The hubby that goes to get said donuts is your hero!

9. Always fully charge your rechargeable items. Otherwise they will not sell and you will lose the biggest sale that you could have had that day and you will kick yourself 100 times and make a fool of yourself trying to convince the buyer that you are telling the truth and that the thing REALLY is great and works great and you are an honest person that would never lie about something like that just to make a buck!!!!

Not that that HAPPENED or anything.... I'm just sayin'.

10. People will try to talk you down on things that are a quarter and for some strange reason you feel that you need to come down! FROM A QUARTER PEOPLE! A quarter. Wow.

All in all it was a good day and if nothing else it was a great way to get things cleaned out so that I can proceed with my little redo project! It was a lot of work, but I made a little money and my house is cleaner and more organized for the effort. I also got to know two of my friends a little better and appreciate them more now that we have sweated together to make something happen. I wish we would have taken pictures! We were a sight to behold!


Rebecca Jo said…
I'm laughing at some of these... its so true... how much lower can you go then a quarter... FREE? haha!

We're planning on having a yard sale soon & this is what I needed to rethink doing it - haha!!!!!
Faith said…
It is so true! We had a yard sale two Saturdays ago and we had a lady trying to get us down to a dollar for six pieces of clothes - I mean, seriously!!

I'm glad you had a good weekend. I miss you friend!!

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