I'll Have Fish... With a Side of Black Eyed Peas

Have you ever been here?
Have you ever seen this SO close up that it takes your breath away?
021020                                                                                                                 Honestly the pictures don't do it justice! My husband and I walked in to see the 50 foot tank where a whale shark swam past. It was so amazingly beautiful and HUGE and we both just stood with tears in our eyes. He said, "You do know that before man was created God made these creatures to bring Himself glory!"  008
Some of the fish didn't even look real! They were so beautiful swimming in schools and creating artwork that we'd never seen before!
One of the more fun exhibits was the one where the penguins interacted with the people. Look at how close my husband is as he sticks his head through this acrylic bowl to get a closer look!
The penguin walked right up and looked him in the eye!
Then there was this strange fish. We still have not identified this crazy creature!
The funniest exhibit was the otter exhibit. They are so well camouflaged that they may be hard to see, but they are cute as a button and so animated!
050  049
I mean kicking back with the peeps here... and just precious!
There was so much to see that we just wanted to take our time and take it all in. Huge glassed in areas were available for you to just sit and take in the beauty of God's creation and just marvel at His creativity!
Japanese Spider Crab
If you have never been to the Georgia Aquarium I strongly advise you to make the trip! Our entire family was mesmerized by the wonderful array of exhibits and things to do.
Right across the street from the Aquarium is the Coca-Cola Museum and there were TONS of people waiting to get in so we didn't wait with two small, and rapidly tiring, children!
066 Oh wait, that's just one of them with the sweetest Paw Paw ever! Here's the other one...
... my sweet niece Taylor!
We decided to go right down the street from the Aquarium to this fun (and less crowded and not overwhelming) place...
The children's museum was not as crowded and we were able to let the kids play a little in the cool air...
Playing in the Farm...
Grammy got into the action... milking a cow!
Oh, and daddy got stuck in the slide... shhh... don't tell him I showed you!
There was even a place to play in the sand and make a new friend!
After all of the fun of the day we decided to walk a few blocks to a really good restaurant where they had the best sweet tea in the SOUTH! (Ok, maybe because we were so hot did it taste like the BEST, but it sure was good!)
Afterwards we walked back to our hotel where the streets were blocked for a concert that Microsoft Corporate was putting on for an employee conference. We saw lots of people heading towards the Centennial Park (which is between the Aquarium and Coca-Cola Museum).There were HUGE puppets...
... and a New Orleans band...
It was really cool to be there during the festivities. People were dancing and playing around.. just having a great time...
We stopped in the park to play..
And as we walked we heard an announcer say, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR..... THE BLACK EYED PEAS!!!!!!!"
WE COULD NOT BELIEVE OUR EARS! We stopped and sure enough... through the trees there were huge screens...
... "Let's get the party started... yea!" The Black Eyed Peas played for two hours outside of our hotel!


Faith said…
I can tell this was SUCH a fun trip! I'm so glad y'all were able to take this time away to spend with each other.

I can't wait to go check out the aquarium sometime - it looks amazing!

Love you, friend!

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