A Little Change

It sure is starting to feel like spring! I am ready for a change! It seems like we have been sick and yucky for a LONG time. So.. in the spirit of change I thought I’d make a little spring change to the ol’ blawg! Just a background change can make a huge difference! It’s a little busy, but so am I so it works for me! You like?

Today I had a fun time serving in the special needs class at our church. I love to see these kids get excited about singing and they do a great job of just loving on us! Such a blessing!

Then we had a fun lunch with some new (and old)  friends and I took my camera along. I didn’t get permission to share their pics online so I can’t share those, but I can share other things that were fun to photograph!

How about my little hair model??

spring 2011 034

HA! The wind was blowing and she turned around to look at me so I took it. So funny!

We also saw some beautiful swans…spring 2011 025

And I thought this picture turned out really cute!

spring 2011 020

I am looking forward to a good week! God reminded us this morning that our lives and situations can either look bleak or full of hope depending on our perspective. If we see that any difficult issues that we face is for the honor of Christ and our ability to grow in our relationships with Him then, though it’s not easy, we can choose to rejoice! I am planning on rejoicing this week! How about you?


Cindy said…
I liked the part about seeing difficult issues as being for the honor of Christ. I just came home from a very difficult day at work. (I seem to have more and more of those. But the Lord has told me to remain.) Thank you for reminding me that it's not about me.
Bella Michelle said…
She is really growing up and will be a young woman before you know it! Thanks for sharing!

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