What A Mighty God We Serve!

Hello sweet blawg-ville friends!

I just HAD to use this entry to Praise our MIGHTY and AMAZING Heavenly Father for what He is doing in the life of my family!

This past weekend my mom and I attended a brunch at their church. Now, this may not sound like a big deal to most, but lately my mom has not been very involved in church. Not that she never goes, she does go. But to do something extra.. something that she had to plan for and something that SHE initiated and invited me to attend… well, THAT , my friends is a BIG OL’ FAT DEAL!  God was so faithful and spoke so wonderfully to our hearts about prayer and, well, let’s just say that we needed it. I am praying that He will recapture her heart and that she will just not be able to stay away after hearing that He loves her so. It was a wonderful time of being reminded that our relationship with HIM needs to be first and I am believing that this is going to be the beginning of something new in her life! PRAISE THE LORD!

For her whole life I have prayed for this little stink of a girlfriend:

February 2011 024


All of a sudden something is happening in this kid that is just making our jaws drop and our eyes open to the fact that NO PRAYER IS EVER IN VAIN! It has not been of our doing, but totally of the Lord as He is maturing this little girl into something that we had only hoped for a year ago. While she is still not where she needs to be for her age she is still growing in her ability to learn, care for herself and her things and just do things that we have prayed for since we found out that she had some delays. Her knowledge of God’s Word and her willingness to pray for others… well, let’s just say that God is putting something in her that only HE can instill. He amazes me every day and He deserves all the praise and glory and honor! HALLELUJAH!

You know that story in the Bible about the 10 lepers being healed and ONE of them retuning to say thank you? I want to be that one. After all that we’ve dealt with and prayed for and hoped for I just can’t help but to thank God for how He carries us through. It’s nothing short of a miracle when we see things come about that we know that HE has done and I  just can’t help but to give HIM praise!

What are you thankful for today??


Bella Michelle said…
Your post has me smiling from ear to ear! I love it that you were blessed with such a special time with your sweet Mom and to hear of the blessings He is working in your princess' life is wonderful. God is GOOD...all the time!
Faith said…
Praises!!! So thankful to hear of the ways that God is working in these areas that we have prayed about for so long!

Love y'all!

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