No Prayer Ever Wasted Here!

Hey Blawgin’ Friends!

I hope everyone is doing well on this second day of spring! (By “everyone” I mean all 5 of you that read this little chicken scratch on my side of this big world!) What a fun outlet though!! I can share my few adventures in life and ask you to pray for me and show you my attempts at decorating and tell you about my little girlfriend and ask you to pray for me! You are going to be sick to death of me asking for prayer, but I so need it! SO, a big thanks to all 5 of you for stopping by! 

Lately, the Lord is putting more and more women in my path that humble me by their pursuit and walk with the Father. I am just blown away by the hunger for His Word and as I see Him work in lives of those who once suffered from amazing hardships like addiction, homelessness and abuse. To see their transformations just reaffirms in me that God is at work like never before and that His church is growing closer and closer to Him. What a challenge to me to be on my face and to have a moldable heart so that He might change me in some radical and wonderful way!

My heart has also been so saddened lately by women who are struggling. Some struggle in their marriages because of so many past hurts that the Lord has never been allowed to heal. Others are hurting because of present hurts and situations that they feel are just out of their control. I just want to say, “OK! THIS  is how it’s done! You gotta lay that thing down!” While it’s true that we have to lay it down,  the Lord just keeps shutting my mouth (He’s so wise!) and telling me to pray. It’s all we can do! It has to be about their walk with God and how He’s going to work to bring Himself glory through their situations! There is a reason that I have TWO ears and ONE mouth! Listen more, talk less, listen more, talk less… it’s on a continuous repeat reel in my little head lately.

Our Lord is so faithful to hear our hearts and know our needs. Everyday on the way to school my little girly and I pray. We have been hit by the economic situation in our home just like everyone else. My husband is a structural engineer and there have just been NO buildings to design. Everyday my daughter and I pray, “Lord, bring more work to daddy’s company and help us to remember to thank you when you answer this prayer!’ Well, NO PRAYER IS EVER WASTED! Lately daddy has been at work late and on Saturdays just trying to keep up with the many small projects that are coming in!! It doesn’t matter to us! We will take ONE BIG project or a lot of small ones! The work has been steady enough for the company to call back some of the employees that were once laid off!! AMEN! How awesome to be able to show our girl that God DOES hear and He DOES answer when we pray! Oh, I pray that she will become a woman of prayer!

It is so true that no prayer is ever wasted should the Lord ever bring me, your neighbor, your sister, your mom or your boss to your mind. He is always here and He's always listening!!  You can also rest assured that if you leave me a comment and ask me to pray that  I will certainly pray for you! What a privilege to go before the throne of Almighty God and know that He hears our prayers for one another! Every once in a while I just pray for the sisters in Christ of this old blawgin’ community to reach those who might not know our Savior through this medium! How amazing would it be for the Lord to reach someone for Him through Blawg’ville??  I’d just love to pray for you more specifically and watch as the Father works!

Jesus deserves nothing less than our hearts to be sold out to Him! He died so that we might have life and have it more abundantly! I know that that abundance is not going to come through anything that I can produce or provide. He lived to love us and died to save us so that we might be in full relationship with Him. His challenge to me has been to talk less, listen more (to Him and others) and to PRAY! How can I pray for you my sweet sisters?


Hey Melissa,

I am so excited that God has answered your prayers and that sweet girl of yours is seeing His faithfulness! God's timing is just so sweet. Hope your spring is going well! Take care.

Cindy said…
We do serve a God who cares for the (seemingly) small things in our lives. Nothing is small to Him though, only to us.

I actually do have a prayer request. I've been thinking about keeping this private until I know more information, but then the Lord brings people (and blog posts!) to me and says, 'The more people pray, the better the outcome might be'. So, here is my request:

I found out yesterday that there is a lump on my thyroid. Larger than 1 cm so the doctor is concerned. I go in next week for a thyroid scan - take a pill of iodine in the morning, then come back in the afternoon for the test. From there if needed, is a biopsy.

Would you pray:
Peace for me
That the lump is benign
Wisdom for the doctors

Thank you!

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