The (Not So) Easy Bake Oven

See this?


See the words on the front? “Easy Bake”. Yeah.

I remember having said “easy bake” when I was a kid, and so I thought it would be a fun gift for the little chicky!

We got it out of the box.. and immediately had a curious visitor…


Then we emptied the brownie mix into a little bowl and little miss did the stirring….


It was rumored that someone licked the spoon, but was stricken down by adamant denial… YOU be the judge.

“Did you lick the spoon and put it back into the batter?”


“Oh, really!? Can I take a picture?”

“MOM! I DIDN’T eat it!”

I think we need a few more lessons in stretching the truth.. don’t you?


Then we poured the batter into the little baking tin and we pushed it into the “oven” (a.k.a. light bulb holder that is suppose to cook food) and we WAITED, and WAITED and WAITED. The instructions say to cook for 8 minutes.. Well, that ain’t the case sister!


Girlfriend got so tired of waiting that she went and read a book and GUESS who was stuck waiting for the stuff to cook only to tell her that she could not eat her creation because it was WAY too hot! Let’s just say… “Easy Bake” might need a new name!


Patty Sumner said…
So funny! My Grandkids had the "cupcake" maker.....after hours of finally baking around 5 cupcake. I decided that it would have been much easier to bake a dozen in the over........I understand completely! Blessings!
Rebecca Jo said…
I remember my Easy Bake when I was little. It blows my mind that is still around. Who knew baking via light bulb was such a genius idea?

Love the "giveaway" icing on the face. Licking the bowl & spoon is always the best part.
Faith said…
It's never good when a light bulb is your only source of heat. What were these people thinking?!? LOL!

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