Fun Times

A few posts back I posted this new wreath that was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest! I posted it on Facebook and I got a couple of orders! Who knew!?!? I was so surprised! So I made this one… 001

and this one…


for two of my friends. I just changed the ribbons and they both look really cute!

Also, this past weekend we had a meeting with folks from our church and needed some childcare. These two NEVER turn down the opportunity to take a girl to dinner and ice cream!


She also scored a new toy and some new clothes!

Hello! What about the parents??

Since then  I have been under the weather and have spent more than my share of time on the sofa. It’s just a virus so I am sure I will be back to normal soon. Well, normal is totally relative in my case!

Happy Tuesday!


Valarie said…
Ok so THIS friend wants a wreath too!!! ;-) Love it!

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