I Wish

I wish every day were happy and good days.

I wish I could eat chocolate cookies everyday without worrying about it

I wish no one ever lost anyone they love… especially that kind of love that lasts from childhood to old age. Too many strings tied too tight… pull too tight when they are gone.

I wish I never allowed myself to be frustrated with anyone. Especially my child.

I wish my favorite jeans would never wear out!

I wish we’d never get use to the fact that Jesus DIED for us… and just sit in a worship service.

I wish being a mom wasn’t so hard.

I wish I could cook better.

I wish we had a fence so we could have a dog.

I wish life weren’t so messy.

I wish I could play the piano and sing.

I wish to live my life to honor God and to no longer live for man. I wish that everything I did I asked Him first and that I didn’t make such hasty decisions and I wish that I trusted Him more. Loved Him more. Spent time with Him more. Honored Him more. Praised Him more. Sought Him out more. Listened more. Feared Him more. Reverenced Him more.

I wish I obeyed Him more.

I wish I were less selfish. More concerned for others than myself.

I wish for the rest of my life to be lived better than the first part of my life.

I need it to start today.

What do you wish?


Patty Sumner said…
I wish I had thought of such a wonderful blog idea. I am going to have steal this one. I agree with everything. So many wishes of what could have been.....so thankful we have a wonderful forgiving Savior who cares for us and love us in spite of our misses. Blessings!

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