Sweet New Look and a Challenge!

I am so excited to have a new blog look! I have no extra funds to really purchase a new look but I found this free one at this website and I am LOVING it! It was very easy to download/upload… oh! Whatever I did! I am NOT very computer savvy so if I can do it ANYONE can! Everything seems a little big to me so I will be working on the details, but in the  mean time I am enjoying the colors and fun-ness!

In other news I am really excited about a new challenge that our church has taken on. We are ALL, the entire church from kids to Sr. Adults, are going to read through the Bible in a year! We are going through it chronologically and we’ve just started… because it’s Jan. 13th and all… so we are in Job! It has been very cool for my daughter, my husband and myself to all be reading the same thing at the same time! We’ve discussed what we’ve read and we all have questions that we want to research. It is just really cool and I am pumped about our Sunday school class and church all being “on the same page!” Literally!

Yesterday my daughter was riding in the back of the car and she said, “Mom, tonight me and dad are going to read Job! I have never read that book before. I know about Jesus being born in Luke 2 and I know about creation in Genesis, but now it will be something new!”

I love that God’s Word excites us and that it IS new… no matter how many times we read it He is always speaking and we learn something new every time if we just listen!


Rebecca Jo said…
I love the new look!!!

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