Be Still

During chapel at my daughter's school today (that lasted 2 hours! for t-k through 2nd graders!) I noticed that teachers would occasionally say, "Be still." to some of the kids. They were trying, but it is just HARD to sit for that long, when you are 6, and not fidget. (It is sometimes hard to sit for that long when you are 36 and not fidget.... not meaning anyone in particular or anything... it's just hard. :)

This past week in our Bible study we talked about being still. Be still emotionally. Be still in our thoughts, our ambitions, and our actions. It is SOOO hard girls. I mean compared to the God of the Universe, I am still a baby! I am really only six in a grown up body. (really, I am.)

I noticed that the teachers did not say, "If it is easy for you please be still." They also did not say, "If you choose to, be still." They simply said "Be still."

That's what God says too. Yes, sisters He does. It does not have a footnote. It does not have a condition. It does not have an option. He just says "Be still... let me fight this battle for you... know that I am God..."

What is the battle?
Having a financial need?
Having a physical need?
Emotions are out of control over a situation?
Thought life is not what it needs to be?
Something needs "fixin'"?
Something needs to be changed?
A job is too hard?
A situation is impossible?

He says in His Word... and we DO believe His Word don't we? He says in His Word "Don't be afraid. Stand firm and see the Lord's salvation. He will provide for you today... The Lord will fight for you, you must be quiet." Exodus 14:13-14

He told His children to do a few things:
1. do not fear
2. stand firm
3. see
4. be quiet

The situation that Moses is in at the time this scripture was written is that the Egyptians are after him and the children of Israel because they are escaping into the desert. He has no weapons, no battle plan and no way out.

What would I do? What would you do?

So... running around in an emotional tizzy yelling at those that you love and causing all kinds of havoc did not make the list, huh? Not exactly an option when it comes to God caring for His children.

As I grow deeper in my walk with Jesus and as I see Him at work in the lives of those around me I am beginning to realize that He wants me to respond exactly like my earthly daddy wanted me to when I was growing up. When I was in trouble and in a mess (which was often!) my dad would always say to me... "come to be calmly, don't get all worked up, and let's talk about it. When you are all upset and trying to fix it with your 16 year old knowledge it just gets worse. Let me know what you are dealing with and let's fix it together! But STOP CRYING!"

So now my Heavenly Father says the same. "DO come to Me, but let ME do the fighting for you! I see the entire situation and your emotions are all out of sort! You can't even think clearly. Just give it to be. Be still and quiet and let your Daddy handle it. I love you."

It took me SOOOOOOO long to realize that my earthly daddy meant it. If I would just listen and obey and come with open hands admitting that I did not have a clue then he would tell me how to handle it and give me the tools to do what needed to be done. It never happened immediately, but it took time to learn.

It is the same with my Heavenly Father. His timing is not ours. (It is frustrating, but He knows what He is doing!) His wisdom far out weighs our wisdom (and mine is 6 years old compared to His!) and His solutions are always better than mine.

In our society no one is really still. Everyone is moving and trying to make "it" happen! (whatever 'it' is!) If we want to be set apart from the world we have to obey God's commands. People will wonder how we have peace in the middle of our storms and in the middle of the battles of our lives. When we are still before the Lord He ministers to those needs and we can face anything when He is fighting the battle for us. People will wonder about the peace that we have and it will open doors to share about His saving love and grace.

Obedience. Be still. Know that He is God. It says it in His Word... and we DO believe His Word, don't we?


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