Butterflies at the Beach?

Our family went to Hilton Head this past week. It was quite a trip with the in-laws. I really enjoyed it and am extremely thankful for my family!

One really great thing about my husband's family is that everyone likes to be active. They enjoy going to the beach, riding bikes, walking, playing in the water, and seeing the sights. It isn't like one fuddy duddy wants to sit in the house while the rest of us go and have fun. We all go together.

It is so funny how different people notice different things. My sister-in-law LOVES animals and she is crazy about searching the sand for critters. She finds all kinds of stuff and Caroline (our 6 year old) likes to pick it all up!! YIKES! (There was the spiked crab that Caroline found on her own... she just picked it up and brought it to us to show Aunt Kelly! oh my word!) Kelly also pets every dog that comes down the beach and she needs to know their names and what breed they are. It is a hoot!

My father-in-law notices funny things. Thing that make you laugh about people or things. My mother-in-law notices pretty things like flowers. She was also the first one to notice the butterflies.

As we were walking down the beach we noticed that there were several butterflies. I commented that I didn't think I had ever really noticed butterflies at the beach before, and that was when my mother-in-law pointed to the sea grass near the sand dunes. There were tons and tons of butterflies all heading in the same direction. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I mean the beach is breath taking enough but to have all of these orange butterflies flitting along with their delicate wings in the wind... it was just beautiful.

We began to put things together... the Marriott near where we were staying was called The Monarch and they had a butterfly on their signs. This was the area that the Monarch butterflies migrated through for the winter. They were all headed south to stay warm!

Is that not amazing? Butterflies know where to go to stay warm for the winter. The ocean knows where to stop on it's shore. The tide is so predictable that man has been able to print a weekly calendar for it and the sun and moon know exactly where to rise and fall... and when!

And sometimes I worry about my Caroline and her future. I worry about money and what will happen to my parents. I think about how this will happen or that will not. I say that I trust and know that the Lord is in complete control, but do I really rest in that?

If He can control those things that are totally out of my realm of comprehension (the number of stars in the sky and the number of grains of sand!) then why do I not trust that He is in control of me? Do I not let Him be? (yes! this is true!) Do I not know and see that His wisdom and His hand are bigger than any circumstance I find myself in?

You know Caroline does not worry about a whole lot. As a matter of fact she picked that crab up with no fear. It was the grown ups who freaked out and scared her to death!

Matthew 18:2 says, "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children you will never inherit the kingdom of heaven."

Trusting Him. It is what He longs for from His children. The butterflies do... why can't we?


Valarie said…
Big "G" God - especially to the butterflies!! Girl, that's good stuff!
Love it!
Melissa said…
He is amazing to say the least. His arm is not shortened and His hand is not helpless. He is almighty God who puts perspective on each and everything if we let Him. He is good, and I am grateful that He saved me... even me.

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