For the Rest of Our Days

The song Sanctuary is a rockin' little song about praising the Lord with our lifted hands, with our songs and with our "Hallelujahs"! The refrain is "For the rest of our days".

The lyrics have been streaming through my head for a few days now and the question came to me "Will you praise ME for the rest of your days?" Will you come to Me, fully abandoning yourself and your desires just to worship Me for the REST of your days.

Now no one knows just how long they have to live, but if you are a child of God it does not matter! We will be with Him eternally... forever... always! It does say in scripture that every knee will bow and worship Him. The question is will I CHOOSE worship?

Worship is putting God first. Putting all of our focus and attention on Him and giving Him first place.

So what about the bad days? The other Saturday I woke up to a little girl in my bed with feet and arms and bodies flailing about! Oh, it just rubbed me the wrong way and I got up MAD! It was my one day to get a little bit of extra rest and there she was just kicking and complaining about HER not having any room in MY bed!

For the rest of the day I was ill. (There are just some days that I don't want to share! sniffle.)

I got in my car to run an errand and I had left my Mandisa CD in the CD player. (I think that CD ROCKS by the way!) There she was just praising the Lord and singing the sweetest songs. For a while I resisted. I just did not want to praise. I didn't FEEL like it and I wasn't going to! (sniffle)

The Lord has a way of breaking down walls. When we enter into His presence we can try to resist Him and His power so that we can wallow in ourselves just a little longer, but He has a way. Oh, His praise is powerful and convicting and hard to resist for long.

When our perspectives turns from our own selfishness and onto His holiness we WILL worship! No matter how tired, how mad, how selfish or how resistant we are HE WILL BE HONORED!

Are you going through a hard time? Oh sister, just come into His sanctuary and allow His praises to first permeate your being. Then let His healing power and comforting hand hold you as You praise Him. Lift your hands in the sanctuary. Lift your hands and give Him the glory. Lift your hands and give Him the praise. Praise Him for the rest of your days!


Emily said…
I love that song, btw! Remember when those guys from some college sang it at our church? Loved it!

Anyway, I am having a bad mood day myself and just prayed that God would get me out of it so that I can enjoy every minute of Breath of Heaven tonight. Are you going? Hopefully, I'll see you there. Thanks for your blog.
Melissa said…
I had a great time at BofH! It was so amazing to hear and see some of those women and their stories!! It made me believe even more that God is in the miracle business. He is so awesome and deserves all of our praise!!The music ROCKED too! (and i found out that I am a "rock star"! ha! who knew?)

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