Ok, this is going to sound really weird, but the Lord spoke to me yesterday THROUGH the carline at my daughters school.

"IN the carline?" you might be asking.

No. THROUGH the carline.

Let me explain.

As I was sitting there for a few seconds (I usually get there RIGHT on time because I hate waiting in the October HEAT wave that we are currently experiencing!) I hit me that all of these parents are just like me. They are waiting in a line to pick up children that they love. They are there every single day with one purpose... to pick up these little (but huge) responsibilities called children.

As they wait they read, rest, talk on cell phones or to one another. They all drive different cars (or minivans) have different clothes and they look differently. For a long time I would get frustrated with the length of the line or the length of the wait. "If THESE people would just move on I could get my daughter and get on with my day."

"THESE people" are not just people. They are moms and dads who share the same responsibilities that I have. Figuring out how to put what we believe and know to be true into the life of another.

It is one thing to have a baby. It is another thing all together to raise him or her to be who God calls them to be. And who God wants them to be is often a mystery to those of us given the responsibility of raising them. It is in our OWN walking with God that we see His hand in their lives and figure out the next step to take.

Then I thought about those who do not walk with God. Just because we attend a Christian school does not mean that everyone is a Christian.

There is the 8th grader who prayed to receive Christ this year and her parents are atheists. The question arises, "Why would atheists send a child to a Christian school?" Perhaps they see something in the love of Christ that is a mystery to them? Perhaps they want their child to know a love that they are afraid to know? It is hard to imagine, isn't it?

SO God spoke THROUGH the carline. He told me that I am no different than the lady in front of me. She has concerns, hopes, dreams and frustrations just like I do. She has a child that needs prayer and encouragement and a need to learn just like I do.

He also told me that, like me, these moms and dads need prayer. They are just trying to figure out this thing called life. They are waiting, day after day, to hear how the day went away from their watchful eye. They want to know what happened on the playground as well as in the classroom because while they want them to read and write, they also want them to be good people who love others and who will be kind.

I purposefully watched the faces of the moms as they drove through the line. Going in to get their kids they had solemn looks... some almost frowning. They were alone in the car (which IS a good thing, don't get me wrong!) but when the doors opened and those little lives climbed in the mom's faces would change. All of a sudden there were stories to tell and stories to hear. There were smiles and hugs and questions galore. There was a flurry of emotion as the mom's purpose came to life again and she was with little people that she loves so much.

Isn't it funny that God would speak to me THROUGH a carline? I am thankful that He did. He teaches me something new about myself everyday. I need Him more than ever. This responsibility that He gave me as a mom is sometimes frustrating, but the most wonderful love of my life. And there are millions more like me out there... just waiting in the carline.


Valarie said…
Girl, if He can use a donkey....hahaha I just love that! Loving carline - and the people in it - has GOT to be a gift from God! ;-)
Melissa said…
Girl you got that right about the donkey! He is definitely not bound by human OR animal boundaries. Not even a carline... or a turtle... or ducks! :)
Leigh Gray said…
and the inch worm......... great post friend!!
Love this! I found your blog on my friend, Leigh Gray's blog. Love your heart! I am adding you to my blogroll.

Blessings, sister!

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