Bang! Bang! Curl Up and Dye!

If you had a beauty shop (ok, hair salon, salon, whatever you call it!) would you name it that?

Would you name it “Bang! Bang! Curl Up and Dye”?

I normally would not, (I mean that’s a pretty cheesy name for a salon.. though I know they are out there!!) but after the girl got a hold of my head yesterday that is EXACTLY what I thought when I woke up and looked in the mirror this morning.

Ok, forgive the wife beater tank top (and skinny arms). I have been cleaning house and I am hot! BUT would you PU-LEASE check out these bangs????????009

THEY ARE GINORMOUS! I mean they aren’t 80’s bangs (but honey I could do some mall bangs with the best of ‘em!) but they are a huge part of my head!! She cut my hair a LOT shorter than I wanted and my husband even commented that I sort of resemble Annie. Nice. I think it looks sort of… grandmaw-ish.

When you cut curly hair too short it starts looking round… like a basketball. I have plenty of roundness, thank you very much. I could use a little less… especially on my HEAD!

Well, it’s just hair. Hair grows. Not exactly the look I was going for, but what can you do?

BANG! BANG! Curl Up! Oh. My. Word. I could just die!


Jacquie said…
I know what you mean about the "round" thing!! I have naturally curly hair, too.

Your doesn't look 80's! Maybe in a day or two you'll like it much better. My hair lady told me once after she cut quite a bit off that my hair would be MAD at me for a few days, but then it will be better. And she was right.

Have you ever tried the "Curly Girl" method??
MiMi said…
What is it with these hairdressers that want to give us all ginormous bangs?!?!? I got mine cut on Thursday evening and it definitely takes me a couple of days after I get it cut to get the hang of it. I told Walt that it looked like I had on a football helmet!

Yours doesn't look 80's! I can show you 80's --if you wanna see 80's!

Give it a couple of days!

Love you and miss you,
Rebecca Jo said…
That name is hilarious!!!

Oh man, I can pull out some old pictures & show you some 80's hair!!! you look great!
Hollie said…
i am laughing so hard right now, and it's not at your hair or your bangs....
what you wrote had me laughing out loud! you hair is fine! it looks good, just chill out. it would take more than big bangs to make you look bad.
seriously, this post was so dang funny!
Faith said…
Girl, you are crackin me up! I like it!! I think it looks really good. It does take a few days to get used to something new and get used to fixing it yourself. Just give it some time!
Carol said…
You are too funny! Actually, I think it looks kind of cute. It looks like you have highlights, too. Did she do those? No need to curl up and look fine. :-)
ThreeGirlyGirls said…
Oh my goodness!! I'm cracking up!! I know all about some big bangs!!
Jensmere said…
Hey, the round/bang thang looks pretty good!!! Personally, I have soft-baby-fine-no-body-no-curl flat stuff on my much work to get even a curl of fluff!

Thanks for the smile today...
Leigh Ann said…
I understand getting "round." My hair can do that before I know it. Drives me crazy. I think your hair looks cute. I'm very serious. I don't see one thing wrong with it.

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