Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please Pray



Hey Blawgy Friends!

I need to ask you to pray! Our sweet little Taylor (seen her with my sweet husband and her uncle Steve) had to go back to the hospital today because she stopped breathing and went limp last night. They had to call the ambulance and they were able to get her breathing normally again. She had to be admitted today so that they can work to figure out what happened. They think she may have an under developed tummy and that she may have had some reflux that she wasn’t strong enough to fight so she struggled to breathe for a few seconds.

Our brother and sister-in-law are just so exhausted (as anyone is with a new born) and this is just really adding a lot. We are VERY thankful that my sister-in-law’s parents were there and could help them with all of it. We are also thankful that she’s in a good place where they can really work with her …so God is good and we are blessed. We are just praying that they can figure things out so that she’s able to go home soon!

Thanks in advance for praying! God is good!! We know He’s in control!!


Jacquie said...

Thanks for the info, Melissa. I just said a prayer for little Taylor. I pray that God will help them find what it is and get to the bottom of it. I'll pray for her parent's, too!

Faith said...

Praying for you all and that sweet little Taylor will be 100% healthy soon.

Love you friend!

Jensmere said...

It is a privilege to pray for such a sweet little life. May the Lord touch and heal little Taylor and guide the doctors with divine wisdom!

Bless you all,

Heather said...

God is good and I am asking Him to heal this sweet baby!

beckyjomama said...

So scary! I am praying for all of you!

Rebecca Jo said...

oh my goodness... that's scary! Praying for some answers, praying for the parents, praying that this baby gets stronger...